How to analyze an Instagram account for free?

An Instagram account has become essential for standing out on social networks and among competitors. Thanks to the evolution of AI, it's now possible to analyze your account's performance and quality. It's important to note that there are many elements to consider if you want to stand out on this platform. These include the number of interactions on your publications (likes, comments or views, etc.), the number of followers, which you can boost at any time on today's best platforms ! Let's find out together in this guide, how to analyze an Instagram account for free?

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Analyze an Instagram account for free for a month with Fanpage Karma

Managing social networks isn't easy. It takes time strict strategies to manage pages efficiently. What's more, it's difficult to know thesubscriber numbers and their behavior. That's why Fanpage Karma was created. An analysis tool designed to reduce your workload. Fanpage Karma lets you analyze the statistics of an Instagram page in a single click. It can edit :

  • The number of subscribers and their annual evolution
  • Number of publications
  • As well as the number of interactions.

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What are Fanpage Karma's features?

Fanpage Karma's main functionality is to follow your profile and the your competitors on Instagram. This can involve reputation management, discovering new influencers as well as editorial ideas.

Fanpage Karma lets you create customized reports, of plan publications in advance and reply to all messages on Instagram. What's more, AI assistants will help you create content and manage your community.

How much does this tool cost?

Fanpage Karma offers 5 price plans:

  • the free plan which costs 0 $ for 3 months, where you can manage a social network like Instagram and a dashboard

To try it:

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  • Bronze tariff at 69 $ per month
  • The Silver plan at 199 $ per month
  • Gold plan at 299 $ per month
  • And the Platinium plan at 799 $ per month.

User reviews

Fanpage Karma is popular softwareAs a result, users have been giving their opinions: in general, the tool has received an overall rating of 4.5 stars:

  • 4.6 stars for ease of use
  • 4.0 stars on customer service
  • 4.5 stars on functionalities
  • 4.1 stars in terms of value for money.

Users have found both advantages and disadvantages in the software, but it's a real winner. efficient. In fact, it's one of the best social network analysis tools on the market.

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Why analyze your Instagram account?

There are several situations that require you to analyze your Instagram account, including:

  • Track account trends

The purpose of analyzing your Instagram account is to evaluate your account to see what can be improved. Analytics allow you to determine what's working and what's not, and see the engagement rate of your posts.

  • Influencer search

Instagram account analysis is necessary for a brand in need of an influencer. It allows you to find the best influencers. Once you've carried out an account analysis, you have a wide choice of influencers. Choose according to the criteria you've defined beforehand.

  • Brand research

On the other hand, a brand-seeking influencer also needs to analyze their Instagram account. He can analyze the page's relevance as well as the quality of their audience before contacting them.

What is the impact of an Instagram account audit?

Auditing an Instagram account allows you to define the quality of the account. The key to defining a quality account is its community. The audit allows you to define qualified followers according to their gender, age, location, the accounts they follow, etc. These elements enable you to define not only whether your audience is qualified, but also whether your audience is likely to be of interest to other accounts for further collaborations.

In short, analyzing an Instagram account is essential for any brand, influencer or content creator. Fanpage Karma helps you analyze your Instagram account. The AI-assisted tool makes your job easier. Have you already tried Fanpage Karma?

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Instagram account analysis: why use analysis tools?

To build an effective strategy on this social network, it's essential to analyze your Instagram accounts and your competitors. The answer to this question is yes! However, to successfully identify with precision indicators and data linked to your performance, the use of third-party tools is essential.

If you like, you can analyze an Instagram account yourself. However, without exact data, you'll have to rely on assumptions, whereas with the figures offered by analysis tools, you'll be able to fine-tune your strategies and go further. As a result, you're sure to stand out from the crowd on this social platform.

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