How to buy Minecraft on PS5?

How to play Minecraft on PS5?

You can play/install Minecraft on PS5. On the other hand, you will have to buy the PS4 version but don't worry, it works on PS5. On the other hand, some features will not work and therefore await an update of Minecraft for Playstation to work.

You can buy Minecraft for PS5: HERE 

On the other hand, put another platform and not Windows or Xbox otherwise you will not be able to use it.

In addition to that you buy it cheaper through my link above, around 17€ instead of 24€.

Play multiplayer on PS5 at Minecraft?

You can play multiplayer but you will need PS PLUS (60€ per year).

If you want to play with your Friends you can get it here for 50€ per year!

So the game is available on PS5?

Yes as mentioned above, the game is available. First published by Mojang then bought by Microsoft, the game is very profitable so it is on almost all platforms to reach as many players as possible. The more players it reaches, the more the game will be able to make new customers spend to obtain it. So it's really available everywhere.

Minecraft belongs to Microsoft.

So it would be possible to think that Sony which is the competitor of Microsoft for the platforms could say no to Minecraft on their console. Except that players who have the PS5 might like to play Minecraft and therefore decide to buy the Xbox rather than the PS5. So in any case Minecraft will be and is available on PS5.


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