How to download TikTok video without watermark?

Introduced in September 2016, the mobile application of the social network TikTok is mainly focused on video sharing. Most of these videos contain a TikTok watermark which allows them to be recognized. However, it is quite possible to remove this watermark, you want to know how? We will show you this in what follows.

What is meant by "watermark"?

A watermark (also called 'Watermark') is a mark used to indicate that a work is private property.

On TikTok, it's the small logo or text with the app's name that appears in your videos. The texts with your username and the name of the Tiktok application, which are shown on the different sides of your screen while you are recording a video, are also included in this denomination.

What are watermarks for on TikTok?

You like some videos on TikTok so much that you want to keep them with you all the time by downloading them. However, a watermark often covers the downloaded video, as proof that it is an intellectual property of its author.

Can you repost a video downloaded from TikTok?

TikTok does not allow any form of duplication or reproduction of creator-owned content. It is nevertheless possible to download them for strictly private use, according to its general conditions.

At the same time, the copyright law (article 53) includes a provision governing copies for personal or household purposes. Downloading and saving a video (even without a watermark) on your smartphone or PC is therefore permitted, but manipulation and duplication of content is only permitted with the consent of the designer.

How to get rid of watermarks on videos downloaded from TikTok?

It is important to note that the operation must not be carried out with the aim of reusing the downloaded videos for commercial purposes for your benefit.

The very recording Tiktok mini watermark that endlessly scrolls across your screen can be tricky to remove from videos. However, there are several options available either for Android or for iOS for the main watermark which appears in the lower right corner of the video. Here are some of those methods:

Crop Tiktok Watermark (Android and iOS):

  1. For Android with the Google Photos app:
    • Launch the app
    • Select the 'Crop' option after pressing 'Edit'
    • Tap 'Adjust'
    • Validate with 'Finish'
  2. For iOS with the Photos app:
    • Enter the app
    • Go to 'Edit', then press 'Resize'
    • Inspect all corners of the video, enlarging it on each side, then reducing it to make sure the watermark (which keeps popping up) has been cropped.
    • Do 'Finish' to validate

Use the video eraser tool

  1. Launch the app
  2. Tap the small '+' symbol on the right side, at the very top
  3. Go to the photo library and select the Tiktok video
  4. In order to be able to edit the video, press 'Import' then 'done' to import it
  5. Remove watermark
  6. Cover Watermark
  7. Go to 'Start',
  8. Press 'processed' to finish

Download as Live Photo from TikTok

  1. Login to Tiktok
  2. Select video
  3. Tap the share arrow
  4. Choose 'Live Photo'
  5. 'Share' and 'Save as video'

Download Tiktok video without watermark from (can also be used on PC)

  1. Log in to Tiktok on your device
  2. Select video
  3. Tap the share arrow
  4. Copy the video link address
  5. Go to the site to paste the link there and download the video
  6. Do 'No watermark download' to remove the watermark

Other applications are also downloadable, such as: Remove & Add Watermark for Android, Video Eraser – Remove Logo, SnapTik, Remove Logo From Video, RepostTik, etc.

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