How do I earn channel points on Twitch?


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How do I earn channel points on Twitch?

Channel Points will be released in 2020 on Twitch. They allow the streamer to make viewers more active and above all more faithful to the streams

How do I earn channel points?

You can earn them in different ways, we list them all for you!

List of wins:

  • Watch for 5 minutes = +10 warp points
  • Collect special bonuses = +50 chain points
  • Take part in a raid = +250 chain points
  • Follow this chain = +300 chain points
  • 1st Cheer of the month = +350 channel points (Anonymous bits will not earn points.
  • 1st free subscription of the month = +500 channel points (Anonymous gifts will not earn points.)
  • Watch serial streams = Up to 450 channel points
  • Level 1 subscription = Multiplier: 1.2
  • Level 2 subscription = Multiplier: 1.4
  • Subscription level 3 = Multiplier: 2

The first cheer of the month = when you give bits to a streamer, you have to do it every month

Same for the subscription offered.

Serial streams?

Viewers receive points for returning to 2 up to 5 consecutive streams. Each stream must be at least 10 minutes long and at least 30 minutes since the end of the last stream.

Number of serial streams and number of channel points earned:

  • 2 = 300
  • 3 = 350
  • 4 = 400
  • 5 = 450

What to do with your chain points?

Channel points are not global but stream by streamer. So each streamer chooses what he wants to put! So it's up to you to decide what to buy from the bundle.

You have questions ? The comment area is there for you.

List of tutorials on twitch:

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