How to hack a bank account

How to hack a bank account in 2024

Today, banking services are being revolutionized by mobile applications. This brings many advantages in terms of accessibility, financial management, mobile payment if you are used to put money on Paypal, among others. However, bank accounts can often be hacked in this way, which can cost you all your savings. In this article, we'll look at how hackers target bank accounts and how you can protect yourself by knowing their methods.

The 4 methods used by hackers to steal your banking data

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1- The Keylogger

Let's start with the first method, the keylogger. You should know that two-factor authentication can be a valuable layer of security for mobile banking. Indeed, hackers are becoming increasingly adept at tricking people into clicking on their links, as the public becomes more and more aware of phishing tactics. The hacker may even include your first name in the email. Deal with all requests first suspicious with scepticism if the email address looks suspicious.

2- Man-in-the-middle attack

To obtain your personal information, hackers can target your communications with your bank's website. If you want to be on the safe side, you should use your home Wi-Fi or share a connection with your own 4G network. When connecting to sensitive sites, always look for https in address bar. If it's not there, it could be a fraudulent website.

3- SIM Swapping

With this information, hackers can access your bank account without having to enter your phone, thanks to SMS authentication. In most cases, mobile networks ask questions to confirm that the person requesting the transfer is who they claim to be. However, be aware that there are still network providers who are lax on SIM card transfer controls, making it easy for hackers to take advantage of this ruse.

  • Choose a company offering high security against SIM card swapping.
  • If your SIM card malfunctions, go to your provider's nearest branch and ask for any new cards to be deactivated.

4- Counterfeit mobile banking application and Trojan horse

These days, mobile banking applications allow you to manage all your finances from your phone, especially sinceopen a bank account takes a minimum of time, whether online or offline.

Although it's not always easy to do, malware authors use it as a primary attack vector to steal your data. Hackers actually create an exact copy of a bank's application and distribute it on suspicious websites. The applications are usually not disguised as official banking applications, but rather as unrelated applications containing Trojans. As soon as you install the application, the Trojan starts scanning your computer/smartphone for banking applications.

When the hacker detects the opening of a banking applicationIf you do this correctly, you won't notice the change. If done correctly, you won't notice the change and will enter your login details in the dummy login tab. Third-party sites may contain malicious software, making it dangerous to install applications from them.

How can I protect myself against bank account hacking?

  • Use two-factor authentication to secure access to your bank account.
  • Don't click on suspicious links in dubious e-mails, and always check the sender's e-mail address.
  • Connect only to sensitive websites via a secure connection (https).
  • Keep up to date with the latest threats, and be vigilant about the applications you install on your device.
  • Keep your antivirus and firewall software up to date on your mobile and computer devices.

In a nutshell, how to hack a bank account should not be a concern for you if you are aware of the techniques used by hackers and take appropriate precautionary measures.

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