How do I identify an unknown number?

Identifying an unknown telephone number has become a frequent concern in our connected world. Faced with unwanted calls and mysterious messages, it's essential to know how to demystify these unknown contacts. Thanks to technological advances, a variety of solutions are now available to reveal the identity of the number in question. Applications dedicated to reverse lookup of online services have also emerged, this article explores effective solutions for identifying unknown numbers And you offers advice on how to protect your privacy while staying connected in the digital age.

To easily identify an unknown number in 2024 :

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How do you get an unknown number?

It should be noted that people masking their number have a variety of motivationsand even though some of them preserve their privacyunknown calls and messages are often linked to telemarketers, of the spammers or some fraudsters operating malicious advertising schemes or of scamming techniques. There are a number of ways in which callers can mask their number and operate as unknown callers, such as blocking their identification, which most telephone services allow. This prevents the number from being displayed on the screen of the recipient.

There are also a number of tools for make calls to anonymous numbers Where fictitious, using various technologies to mask the caller's identity or display virtual or disposable numbers. Finally, there's what's known as "spoofing or identity theft, a technique that makes it possible to display false information on the identification screenThese include false telephone numbers and foreign area codes. In any case, there are always solutions available to help you to find out who owns an unknown number and that's what we're going to see in the following lines.

Above all, it's possible to locate a phone number with Google Maps if it's not masked. Even if the scammer uses a false number, this will speed up the investigation.

Solutions for unmasking unknown callers

When faced with a call or message from an unknown or suspicious number, it is advisable to do not respond immediately. If you choose to answer, act with caution andvitez de partager des informations personnelles. To discover the identity of an unknown caller, explore the options mentioned above.

Use code *69 or code *57

To identify an unknown number, theuse of code *69 can be useful by activating the last callback service. This service, often offered free of charge, makes it possible to retrieve the number and, if applicable, the name and address of the previous caller if this information is in a public database. The callback option, included in *69 depending on the operator, even makes it easy to return the call to discover the caller.

To unmask an unknown caller using this code :

  1. All you have to do is dial *69 from your mobile (Normally, the service starts automatically; if not, just press the call button). An automatic announcement will provide you with the of the last caller as well as any available information concerning his or her identity.
  2. Follow the instructions of the call-back service to act accordingly.

The code *57is to be used if you receive a call of a threatening nature, harassing or suspicious from an unknown number. This automatically traces the last call received andinform your telephone operator (and, if necessary, local authorities). This a recommended solution if you suspect you are being targeted by fraudsters or swindlers, which is subject to a fee that varies according to your operator. To find out more :

  1. Dial code *57 on the keypad of your cell phone (normally the service starts automatically, if not, just press the call button);
  2. Follow the instructions of the voice announcement and always be ready to provide more information if needed.
  3. Your operator will receive trace data accompanied by a recording of the call. This information will be used for further investigations by local police.

If you want to proceed easily in your research :

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Use of a third-party application or service

Third-party applications provide a variety of solutions for identifying unknown numbersincluding reverse searches in public databases, social networks and other online sources to provide details revealing the identity of a masked number.

Let's take a look at some of these applications and services:


It's a website used to find people, based on online and offline data collection. In addition to the possibility of finding old friends or people who will be useful for your business, it offers a function called "reverse search. This allows you to find the unknown caller's name, social network profiles, address, etc.. However, this method does not work for numbers masked by caller ID blocking.


This online background check service features a solution for verifying individuals and companies by compiling information from databases public and private data. If an unknown caller's phone number is in your possession, BeenVerified may be able to fornize your name, social network profiles, address, etc..


Using a inventory of numbers and information that this application can identify an unknown caller by comparing incoming calls with a list of numbers from the compilation of information provided by public data. It also makes it possible to block automatically calls from numbers associated with malicious persons.


This application available on Android and iOS intercepts calls from masked numbers and redirects them to its servers. To unmask the caller's identity, Trapcall employs software analysis. In addition, Trapcall offers other features such as blocking of spammers, transcription of voicemails into text, and creation of a blacklist of unwanted numbers.

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Information from your operator

To identify masked numbers, a Another approach is to contact customer service directly from your operator and find out about the availability of caller location services. In fact, each operator offers specific services, and it's possible that they enable methods for find anonymous numbers that escape detection by *69, All by informing you about how these numbers are concealed. In general, these services are subject to a charge. So it's essential to find out about the associated costs before taking any action.

Discovering the identity of an unknown caller who is trying to hide and mislead you is crucial to prevent attempted scams. In addition to unknown numbers, people may also call you with a number that's not hidden, but whose owner you don't know. It's also possible to find out who owns a number that has called or texted you, for example. For more practical advice, see our article find the owner of a mobile number for free.

To geolocate the owner of an unknown phone number :

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