How to launch a looter raid in Minecraft?

Other features have been added in Minecraft, with version 1.14: Raids. They highlight Illagers and Raiders. Indeed, they are the antagonistic and hostile versions of the ordinary villagers who have allied themselves with the witches. Raider outposts and mansions collide, so raids are a great way to test your strength against a real horde.

On the other hand, raids are not the result of chance. There are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to start a raid. After you start playing, you will surely come across Raider patrols approaching your spawn area. There are also other possibilities when you come across a looter outpost. If you want to start a looter raid, follow this guide.

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What is a Minecraft raid?

Raid is a boss combat event launched in Minecraft, once you complete well-defined tasks. During a raid, you will fight several waves of Pillagers who will attack the village you have just entered. Indeed, the raids have several waves. For the next wave to start, all hostile monsters must be killed. In addition, you must protect the villagers and use iron in order to repair the village's Iron Golem. The latter is one of your best partners to defend yourself against the most dangerous looters and illagers.

How to launch a raid?

To start a raid, you must receive the "Bad Omen" status effect. So you have to kill a Captain Illager. They are usually remarkable thanks to the flag which represents a banner of bad omen. The flag is attached to his back. Illagers can be found in various locations including: Raider Outposts, Mansions, Random Patrols, etc. When you receive the Bad Omen effect, walk to the nearest village. The raid will start immediately with a bar of boss, once it reaches its proximity. The bar is at the top of your screen. It determines the number of enemies still alive in the current wave. For their part, the villagers will ring the bell and rush inside their houses in order to protect themselves. However, other waves may come out.

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