How to locate a person on Facebook?


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  1. Use facebook messenger to locate someone in real time by sharing their position via the location option in the conversation.
  2. Consult the profile information on Facebook to determine a person's likely location, using details they've shared publicly.
  3. Use surveillance applications such as Mspy and Eyezy to precisely track a person's location and movements, by installing this software on the target phone.

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Looking to reconnect with someone you haven't seen in a while? Fortunately, thanks to technology, it's no longer difficult to track someone wherever they are. These days, there are many different ways to locate someone in real time, such as using Facebook or other services. So, would you like to locate a person on Facebook ? This article is for you!

Explore the a variety of practical ways to track a person's location on Facebook in this article!

If you want to locate a person easily :

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How do I locate someone on the Facebook social network?

At the moment, tracking someone's location on Facebook isn't exactly difficult. How do you go about it?

Via Facebook Messenger

This method involves chatting with the person you want to follow on Messenger. Available on both Android and iPhone, to use this technique, follow these steps

  • Make sure you have the latest version of the Messenger application installed on your device.
  • Open a conversation with the person whose location you wish to check.
  • Press theicon More options (represented by three vertical dots) in the top right-hand corner of the screen or on the left, depending on the device (Android or iPhone)
Screenshot on Messenger. The option is to click on More, bottom left
Screenshot on Messenger. The option is to click on More, bottom left
  • In the context menu, find and select the option Location.
Capture on Messenger, the option consists of inviting the person to click on Location in order to share their current position.
Capture on Messenger, the option consists of inviting the person to click on Location in order to share their current position.
  • If the person has shared his position with you, you will see its position on the map on screen.
Screen on Messenger. The screen that appears when someone decides to share their location
Screen on Messenger. The screen that appears when someone decides to share their location

Remark : Note that you can only see someone's current location on Messenger if they have enabled this feature to share their location. Users can choose to share their location in real time for a specific period or indefinitely, or they can choose not to share their location at all.

In addition, to use Messenger's location sharing feature, both users must be connected to the Internet and have the location features enabled on their respective devices. Please also make sure you respect the privacy of others and do not use this feature in an abusive or invasive way.

If you want to opt for simpler methods :

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🪁Locate a person with Eyezy🪁

Thanks to profile information

An easy way to locate someone on Facebook is to view information which were filled in. Indeed, like many people on Facebook, this person may have indicated their location or even their place of work. Likewise, you don't have to be friends with the person to access this information.

This information can be used to vaguely determine that person's location. Indeed, if the person hasn't updated this information for some time, it may no longer be reliable.

However, for an easy way to pinpoint someone's location on Facebook, this is an effective solution.

Locating a person on Facebook
Screen on Facebook. Image to illustrate a person's location on Facebook among their information.

How to locate someone effectively on Facebook 2024 ?

With the advent of spyware, tracking a person's location on social networks or elsewhere becomes child's play! Among the most popular on the market are Mspy and EyeZy.

Both are parental control software designed to monitor a person's activities on their device, hence their exact location in real time.


This monitoring application tracksexact location of the person you wish to locate. With EyeZy , you can

  • Observe their location: In real time, you can observe their location on an easy-to-read map.
  • Browse their position history In addition to the current location on a map, this phone location application also shows you a detailed history of the person's journeys.
  • Explore suspicious locations: Does the person go to places that look suspicious? You can find out using EyeZy! It's also possible to create an alert informing you in the form of a notification if they're going somewhere dangerous, or that they don't need to be there. EyeZy's location services are mainly used by parents who care about their children.

How do I use it?

  • To do so, visit this site:

✍️M register on Eyezy✍️

  • Choose thesubscription of your choice. Find out more EyeZy subscription pricesSee our article on this subject!
  • Install the application on the cell phone of the person to be located (yes, a physical presence is required at first)
  • Then access all the information you like!

Using Mspy

Mspy is one of the most popular surveillance apps among its users. It allows you toobserve GPS location of the person to be monitored. With mSpy, it's easy to track the geographical location of your child's phone. With this application available on both Android and iPhone, users can :

  • Observe travel on an in-depth card.
  • Ensuring check history over a given period.
  • Have a direct access to all data from your dashboard.

Unlike EyeZy, Mpsy offers a free trial a week to familiarize yourself with the application.

To use Mspy to locate a person, follow these steps:

  • Visit this site:

✍️M register on Mspy✍️

  • Choose the plan to suit your needs. Find out more about Mspy price list among our articles!
  • Install then configure the application on the target phone.
  • And then, once you've completed these steps, all you have to do is start monitoring.

Facebook's location method obsolete in 2024:

Some features on Facebook are no longer available to locate a friend, a person on this social platform.

Since 2012, a Facebook feature has allowed you to locate people nearby. This alternative involves searching for friends close to you. This is the "Friends nearby and unfortunately it has been removed from Facebook.

This is not due to a fault or problem. Indeed, this option will not be operational even if you update your application, uninstall it and reinstall it. The leading social networking platform has taken the decision to withdraw permanently the search function for close friends.

Is it possible to find out who is spying on his profile on Facebook?

Mspy and Eyezi are full-featured hacking software. It allows you to monitor a cell phone, thebrowsing history, them calls, the posts as well as social networks. This software is very useful for parental control. Today, you can't prevent your children from being on social networks, but you can protect them from all the dangers of the Internet. Above all, teenagers are susceptible to a wide range of attacks: predators, swindlers, cults and so on.

But these applications can also be used to spy on a spouse suspected of cheating. However, software such as Mspy do not have a function that lets you determine who's looking at your Facebook account. But it also lets youspy on your loved ones efficiently.

With this software, you can access contacts, calls and SMS messages on the target phone. A geolocation function is also included. At the same time, you can track the target's activities on social networks, including: on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

(Image from social media. Image taken from internet)

How can I find out who's visiting my Facebook profile?

Today, you can know who is watching your Facebook profile, moreover several platforms and applications allow you to do so. However, these services expose you to many risks: viruses and scams. Moreover, Facebook's level of security makes the service a little more complicated. The CEO of Facebook even said that no program will be able to decode this information.

It is therefore impossible to know who consults your Facebook profile. In fact, on their support page, it says:

"Facebook does not allow users to know who is viewing their profile. Nor do third-party applications offer this functionality. If you find an application that claims to offer this functionality, please report it to us."

However, to monitor location or other info on Facebook :

🗺️Je tests Mspy🗺️ location-based services

🗺️Je tests EyeZy🗺️ location-based services

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