How to uninstall Reason Labs (RAV) easily in 1 minute.


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Reason labs (RAV) is an application that may arrive on your PC after installing one of their partner tools. And it's a pain to figure out how to remove it, so here's the tutorial.

Look for it in your Windows start menu:

  • "(Searching for the word "uninstal" will also find it in English)
  • Search RAV (image number 1)
  • Click on Uninstall (there may be 2 programs, so remove both)
  • Then click on Uninstall (image number 2)
  • Put a comment to say that the article is useful and know the number of people who also had this software installed without authorization
RAV search
RAV search


RAV, click on uninstall
RAV, click on uninstall

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6 comments on the discussion forum for "How to uninstall Reason Labs (RAV) easily in 1 minute."

  1. This will not completely remove ReasonLabs. Here is what I did after uninstalling through settings.

    I also searched for reasonlabs in file explorer to find any files left behind. DO NOT delete anything in C:\Windows\System32. Then use two trustworthy programs to scan every file in your computer. I use Malwarebytes, and Ccleaner.
    The ReasonLabs folder, and many files in it were still located in C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming even after uninstalling through settings.

    You can also search for RAV, but be EXTREMELY careful not to delete files important to windows, and that are important for programs that you use. I found the start menu shortcut by doing this even though I had already uninstalled the program through settings.


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