How to watch TikToK videos without an account?

Wish you could watch viral TikTok videos, but don't want to have to share personal data that requires creating a user account? Note that it is quite possible to do this without downloading the application or even opening a user account on the platform. We are going to share the easiest and fastest method with you.

How to use TikTok without installing it?

TikTok is best known as a mobile app. But like most social networks, there is also a web version, accessible even on a PC. This version allows you to connect without opening or downloading the application. Even if some options of TikTok App (like download videos or play music) are not available on TikTok Web, you can still use all major features.

What you can do on TikTok Web

  • You have all the features to interact in the short video network, like commenting, liking, subscribing or sharing, etc.).
  • You can react or reply to your private messages and view all your notifications (likes, comments, mentions or followers).
  • You can also, in the web version of TikTok, upload and post content from the files available on your PC.
  • All the sharing options of TikTok App are just as easily accessible (a text from TikTok, a video up to 2 GB, a small preview of the video as credits, make the video visible to all or not, or even the to differ).
  • You can of course perform searches just like on the application (find people or videos by entering keywords in the search bar). The most popular results will be presented at the top of the list.
  • If you are used to TikTok, your browsing experience on TikTok Web will not be so different (displaying results according to your interests and the accounts you follow).
  • In addition, for faster access, on the left side of the screen you have live videos, profiles to follow and what is viral on social networks.

How to watch the videos without having a TikTok account?

In addition to what was mentioned above, you are not required to have an account to view the videos in vogue of the moment. All you have to do is go through the official TikTok website in a web browser on your computer, tablet or smartphone. You can access trending videos in just a few steps:

  • Go to official website from your device browser.
  • Surf the home page and admire the most famous TikToks that follow one another on the news feed, all you have to do is press the name or profile photo of the account whose videos you would like to see.
  • Otherwise, use the search engine by typing the names or keywords of your choice and choosing the categories (Accounts, Videos) to better sort the results.
  • By pressing the 'LIVE' button, you can watch the live videos.
  • You will, however, need to have a TikTok account to download, interact or subscribe.

It is also possible to watch TikTok videos from other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.


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