How to write in color in twitch chat?


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How to write in color in twitch chat?

Do you wander on streams on twitch and then you see a message written in color? Do you want to do the same or know if it's normal? We will explain everything to you.

How to write in color?

Just do a /me then your message, send your message and it will be in color.

For example in a chat:

/me Thank you

And you will see the message thank you in the color of your nickname.

Change April 28, 2020:

  • the /me is now written in italics rather than in color so that it doesn't look ugly in the chat according to Twitch. So now the /me allows to write in italics.

Is it normal ?

Yes, it's an order created directly by Twitch so don't worry!

How to write in italics on Twitch?

As I said above, now it's the /me that makes you write in italics.


List of tutorials on twitch:

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