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Immunizing pellets are a consumable item in Elden ring. We'll look at where to find immunizing pellets, how to make them yourself and when to use them.

Image of immunizing pellets in Elden Ring : 

Immunizing pellet descriptions:

Scarlet dumplings made from cave moss. Item that can be crafted.

Heals the effects of Scarlet Rot and dispels its buildup.

Scarlet putrefaction builds up gradually, then takes effect when the threshold is reached.

It considerably eats away at your HP over a period of time.

Item name: "Preserving Boluses

Where can I find the Elden Ring immunizing pellet?

Illustration of Elden Ring Immunizing Pellets
Image illustrating the different Elden Ring pellets, for our guide to immunizing pellets, those marked with the red arrow. Source :
  • Five of them are inside the rotting hut, north of Caelid.
  • In Sellia Hideaway: you can pick them up from a corpse located to the right of the entrance to the second room with huge crystal formations in Sellia Hideaway.
  • In the Royal Capital of Leyndell: in the next room, after going down the elevator. Watch out for lurking enemies.
  • In the River Well Siofra In the second section after returning to the elevator, a body inside a building will contain this object.
  • 3 items can be purchased from a Norman merchant on Caelid Highway North.
  • You can find them on a corpse hanging from the edge of the western walkway leading to the Grand Cloister.

How to make immunizing pellets?

To craft Immune Pellets, you will need the recipe in Gunsmith's manual (6) and the following resources:

How to use "Immunizing Pellets" in Elden Ring?

Immunizing Pellets can be used to reduce the accumulation of scarlet fever and also cure the rot.

Further information on Immunizing Pellets

Sell for 200 runes
Max of 99 in inventory and 600 in storage.

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