Milestones and rewards of the Gardening Partners event

All Milestones and Awards + Gardening Partner Event Tips

Event available from January 08 to January 13, 2024. The principle is :

  • find a partner to play at the event
  • throw and collect flowers from the board and during other events
  • throw the wheel with your partner to build your garden
  • win great awards and take first prize


Illustration of Gardening Partners event rules in pictures
Screenshot of the basic rules for the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly Go. Source: Yann(

The final price = 5000 dice + a pack of stickers + a new counter + a new emoji

Illustration of the final prize at the Partners in Gardening event.
Screenshot of the final prize for the Gardening Partners event in Monopoly Go. Source: Yann(

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List of event rewards by level:

Level by gift Awards
2,500 Points 200 dice
8,500 Points silver
21,500 Points Blue Chest - 250 dice and money
48,000 Points Pink chest - 400 dice, 3-star pink sticker pack
80,000 Points 500 dice, silver and a pack of blue 4-star stickers


80,000 points will be enough to complete a garden, so if the aim is to finish off the four gardensYou'll need a total of 320,000 points between you and your partners.

Although it's generally good practice to aim for around 50 % of points in each of your parks, some partners may not make much of an effort. So it's a good idea to be cautious when choosing your partners.

It's also worth noting that it doesn't matter whether you contribute zero points or the full amount required, as both you and your partner will receive the same reward for each finished garden. Once you've chosen your partners, you can't replace them, so choose wisely.


Places to look for more flowers:

Game board :

You'll find event items as you navigate around the game board. Land on specific squares to collect these items, which you can use later in the Gardening Partners event.

Quick wins :

Quick Wins are usually updated around 7 a.m. (Eastern time). They consist of three simple challenges that often reward with event tokens when the Partners event is active. By completing these daily challenges, you'll also progress to the weekly Quick Wins bar, which can offer you valuable sticker packs. Don't be surprised to find a purple 5-star sticker pack as a weekly reward. Be sure to check the Earnings tab for details of the current week, and try not to miss a day if you're aiming for these generous weekly rewards.

Gift store every 8 hours:

Every eight hours, you can get a free gift in the in-game store. Click on the store icon and slide the top panel to the right several times until you reach the end. Here you can discover a free gift, possibly containing event tokens, especially during Partner events. Keep an eye on the countdown to find out when your next gift will be available.

Events and tournaments :

Consult the events calendar to find links to the current postal event and tournament that coincide with Gardening Partners. By visiting these event pages, you'll get information on rewards and milestone lists, indicating the number of event items available and the points required to obtain them. Events and tournaments are usually excellent opportunities to accumulate hundreds, if not thousands, of event items, so it's well worth checking out the rewards lists.

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