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Previously, putting links in Instagram posts was unfeasible. Now, with the evolution of technology, this impasse has been solved. But even if there are ways of inserting these links, the mode of execution for doing so is no mean feat. In general, Instagram users and Bloggers use their biographies to contain links. However, it's hard to conceive of more traffic from Instagram, even if audiences are sometimes high. And that's where Linktree comes in! In this article, we're going to take you through Linktree's features and description.

Screen of the Linktree page of the website owner Alucare.fr
Capture of the Linktree home page of the site owner Alucare.fr.

What is Linktree?

Linktree was created in 2016 by the Zaccaria brothers and his colleague Nick Humphreys. Linktree now has over 40 million users. It is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. It was named one of the "Most Innovative Companies of 2020" by Fast Company. However, it is important to note that this tool is only available in English.

  • Linktree lets you create pages containing all the links you want, and post them to Instagram or other social networks with ease. Not only is Linktree a simple and highly practical accessory, it's also free to use.
  • He is therefore ready to help you create your landing page which contains numerous buttons for add your links. All you have to do is insert the Landing-page link into your Instagram bio, which will then redirect your followers to the list of all the links you've inserted in Linktree in advance.
  • Another advantage is the processing on this famous tool doesn't take long because the landing page takes a maximum of one minute to create, and the link to your biographies is a cut-and-paste operation.

Linktree is free, but for a pro version, it's not free, at just 5 $ USD per month. If you choose the pro mode, you'll benefit from a number of advantages. These include the ability to remove the tool's logo from your display.

How does this tool work?

Perhaps you're wondering how it works - you're right to ask that question. In this section, we'll show you how it works.

  1. Firstly, to access this tool, you need to create an account Where to log in if you already have one.
  2. Once you have access to your Linktree account, you must create a new model.
  3. Then, you will be suggested to select several types templates that you can customize as you see fit.
  4. Now you canadd your links with a drag-and-drop system.

Please note that these links will be presented as in button form. You'll also be able to change the color of the latter, as well as your themes. To complete the process, simply add the generated link on your Instagram biography or other social networks via your phone or computer. These URLs should be available for linking to the generated page. From this, we can conclude that Linktree is an indispensable tool for web users to create their publications or shares on social networks. In addition, discover the Linktree page of the site owner Alucare.fr if you want to better understand how the tool works.

Linktree: Who's it for and what's it for?

Linktree is used by many peoplewhoever you are, from companies to for individual customers, through the content creators, bloggers, influencers, cooks, musicians, actors, etc.

The aim is to centrally manage and share links to articles, sites, blogs and so on. It serves to redirect users to sales or other pages. However, there are also digital companies, freelancers and non-profit organizations that use it to present their products and services, making discovery and interaction much easier.

All in all, Linktree brings all your social media links together in one place, making it easier to develop your visibility.

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