Monopoly Go Cattle Hunters tournament milestones and rewards

All milestones and rewards + tips for the Cattle Chasers tournament


Event available from January 29 to January 30, 2024. You earn points by landing on the squares:

Image illustration of the Cattle Hunters tournament boxes in Monopoly Go
Screenshot of the Cattle Hunters tournament boxes in Monopoly Go Source: Yann(
  • Closing" station:
  1. If blocked = gain 2 points
  2. If successful = gain 4 points
  • Bank robbery" station:
  1. If it's a small turn = 4 points gain
  2. If it's a large turn = gain of 6 points
  3. If bankruptcy = gain of 8 points


The final price = 1,300 dice

Illustration of the final prize of the Cattle Hunters tournament in Monopoly Go
Screenshot of the final prize of the Cattle Hunters tournament in Monopoly Go. SOurce: Yann(

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List of tournament prizes by level:

Level Points Awards
1 55 40 dice
2 40 1-star green sticker pack
3 90 70 dice
4 130 5 minutes of big bets
5 110 80 dice
6 150 Silver
7 200 2-star yellow sticker pack
8 250 15 minutes Mega Robbery
9 225 3-star pink sticker pack
10 275 175 dice
11 300 Silver
12 400 Pack of blue 4-star stickers
13 375 250 dice
14 425 Silver
15 500 20 minutes of rent fever
16 600 375 dice
17 550 Pack of blue 4-star stickers
18 700 Silver
19 800 500 dice
20 1,000 Silver
21 900 Silver
22 1,300 750 dice
23 1,500 15 minutes of cash intake
24 1,800 Silver
25 2,000 1,300 dice


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