Mailchimp vs. Moosend: Which Software is Better?

Mailchimp and Moosend are two applications dedicated to marketing. If you want optimize your digital marketing strategies, you have to choose between these two applications. They are similar and offer almost the same functionality. However, A few factors set these tools apart. Besides, that's why it is important to choose the best, the best or the one that meets your expectations. Let's find out between Moosend and Mailchimp which one to choose in this article.

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Between Moosend and MailChimp: which one to choose?

Mailchimp has become a email marketing ally, that is why the comparison between Moosend and Mailchimp is maintained. Compared to Moosend, Mailchimp is much more expensive, but he proposes several packages. Furthermore, the free plan is more comprehensive than Moosend.

On the other hand, Moosend offers landing pages in a plane free but lack of automation tools marketing. The balance tips in favor of Moosend about this feature. There is a number of features available with the paid plan by Mailchimps that Moonsend does not offer, notably :

  • The prediction of demographic data;
  • A Customer Lifetime Value calculator or the estimate of the profit generated by a consumer;
  • The lookalike audience research;
  • the retargeting and the game's social media posts;
  • A landing page dedicated to purchases.

In short, Moonsend and Mailchimp are similar apps. However, if you want more features, Mailchimp is the best choice. To start, Moosend is the best choice. Moreover, it is cheaper than Mailchimp.

About the pros and cons?

To choose the best software, it is important to pay attention to the benefits and to the disadvantages :

For Moosend

Moonsend offers pros and cons:

Advantages :

  • The proposal of robust automation processes compared to other tools;
  • The features available in premium plans are included in the free package;
  • Field, custom data segments are infinite;
  • The existence of A/B testing; 
  • The landing pages. 

The inconvenients :

On the other hand, here are the disadvantages of Moosend:

  • the customer service is limited basically with the free plan;
  • Some integrations are restricted. 

For Mailchimp

For Mailchimp, here is the pros and cons :

Advantages :

  • This software is the most reliable on the market;
  • It also offers a free plan;
  • As well as mobile apps;
  • The integrations are numerous.

The inconvenients :

On the other hand, here are the disadvantages from Mailchimp:

  • Service is a bit more expensive ;
  • He does not have native SMS functionality.

In short, if you start in marketing, Moosend will be more adapted, but if you want more features, choose Mailchimp.

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