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  1. The users appreciate PandaDoc for its intuitive interface, responsive customer support and CRM integrations, although the free plan is limited and some integrations are chargeable.
  2. PandaDoc facilitates online document management for SMEs and large corporations, with functions such as creation, modification and electronic signature.
  3. PandaDoc offers several price plans adapted to different needs, with advanced features for document personalization and integration into corporate applications and websites.

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Today, with the rise of digital technology, everything can be done online, even the signing of a contract. You no longer need to go to the office to make an appointment; you can create, modify, track and digitally sign your documents. These new functionalities are aimed at SMEs, entrepreneurs, businesses and others. So you can manage your time more efficiently.

In this article, we'll take a look at PandaDoc, a tool that allows you to freely edit your documents online. Let's explore various opinions on PandaDoc in this article.

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What do users think of PandaDoc?

User reviews of PandaDoc are generally positive. The software receives an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on over 1000 real customer reviews on a popular review platform.

Thanks to flexible pricing, responsive customer support and the fact that the software is rich in featuresPandaDoc has succeeded in winning the attention of users. However, as no tool is perfect, PandaDoc is not exempt from this.

Some users are calling for the free plan is restricted in terms of functionality, and also that some integrations are not free.

What are the advantages and limitations of PandaDoc?

As PandaDoc is an online tool, it has both advantages and disadvantages, which we will describe below:

Advantages Disadvantages
  • It offers a free plan for all users;
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use;
  • Software that's easy to use;
  • CRM integration is better;
  • It features a drag-and-drop content library.
  • A free plan is available to familiarize you with the software;
  • Many interesting features.
  • Customer support available 24/7 via chat and e-mail.
  • Saves precious time at work.
  • The safety devices are not insured;
  • Mass mailings are subject to additional charges.

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What are PandaDoc's features?

Screen of the official PandaDoc website
Screen of the official PandaDoc website

PandaDoc lets you change your workflow and manage your documents efficiently. How does it work? Let's discover PandaDoc's features!


PandaDoc also offers the possibility of sending documents faster, while taking advantage of the electronic signature security that are legally binding. This feature speeds up the approval process and ensures compliance with the law.

Simplified contracts

PandaDoc makes writing easier through the use of pre-tested templates. This feature ensures that all contracts comply with company standards.

Means of customization

This feature of PandaDoc simplifies the process proposal creation by offering templates and customization options. This helps save time and improve offer quality.


The management platform offers various integration options PandaDoc functionalities into your own applications and websites. This feature is particularly beneficial for companies wishing to better personalize their user experience.


From a browser, it allows you to collect data and easily transmitted. This feature is beneficial for surveys, the creation of registration forms and other methods of gathering information.


PandaDoc software is easy to use and can be integrated into your day-to-day tools, allowing your team to focus on more serious tasks. This eliminates the need to move from one platform to another to perform various tasks. Among the tool's best services, it's available as a paid subscription!

For a detailed view of PandaDoc's features, we strongly recommend that you visit their website:

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The quotation function

This function allows you to generate interactive quotes and error-free, using pre-established templates and customization options. This reduces the risk of errors and speeds up sales.

Other PandaDoc services include :

  • Data backup and synchronization
  • Access to Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
  • Transformation of documents using almost any file format, such as Word, PDF, etc.
  • Modifying Google Docs with PandaDoc.
  • Choice of e-mail notification
  • Document security
  • Optimize your documents to increase the success rate.
  • Create new documents or use older ones. Choose from hundreds of free, professionally validated templates.

How much does PandaDoc cost?

Screen from the official PandaDoc website, illustrating the different prices offered by the software
Screen from the official PandaDoc website, illustrating the different prices offered by the software

PandaDoc offers a free trial, but to fully explore its various features, it's important to choose one of its paid subscriptions.

In terms of layout, PandaDoc offers 3 distinct layouts:

The Essentials Plan :

This plan is for those who want to create persuasive documents with assured results. The price is to 19$ per month per user, and you can start a free trial. Users benefit from the platform's many services, including document analysis, unlimited import of electronic signatures and documents, timely tracking and notification, and more.

The Professional Plan

The price of this PandaDoc package is 49$ per month per user. This plan gives you all the benefits of the Essentials plan, plus :

  • The option of adding a personalized brand image
  • Benefit from a content library, CRM tools, forms, etc.

The Corporate Plan

The Enterprise plan, on the other hand, offers useful additional features, including integration and customization capabilities. The price of the Enterprise plan is on request.

Don't hesitate to contact the PandaDoc team to sign up for this package:

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PandaDoc: definition

PandaDoc is an online tool that lets you create, modify, track and electrically sign your documents. It's also the best solution for creating professional proposals, quotes and contracts. With this tool, you'll be able to conclude more contracts with unlimited signatures and reusable templates.

What's more, you benefit from in-application modifications, CRM integration and 24/7 support. On average, users create documents in less than four minutes, resulting in a 20% increase in closing rates. Today, over 50,000 companies are automating document processing and signing more contracts online with PandaDoc.

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Who are the main users of PandaDoc?

As mentioned above, PandaDoc is a SaaS software package used by thousands of users and companies in France and around the world to edit document information. According to available data, the software is used by :

  • Regarding the companies in the IT field;
  • In the technology and information services;
  • The VSEs and SMEs ;
  • The large companies.
  • Non-profit organizations (individual or family services)

This software is also used in Canada and the UK.

How does the software interface and demo look like?

The advantage of PandaDoc is that the interface is translated. in French. The tool is completely practice, responsive and customizable for greater team productivity. The aim is to strengthen cooperation within the company.

This software is very easy installation, configuration and customization. You won't need to hire an integrator. The software is available in several languages, including English.

In general, users express their satisfaction to PandaDoc's services. What's more, it's one of the best business software packages available on the market! So, if you're looking for a document management solution that simplifies the creation, approval, tracking and electronic signature of a variety of documents, PandaDoc is the perfect option!

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