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Light and Shadow is a webtoon set in a fantasy world, with a mix of historical facts. It completes the list of must-read romance webtoonwith more suspense and a touch of eroticism. Composed of 104 chapters, this webtoon belongs to the manhwais of Korean origin and first appeared in the 2016. Ryu Hyang is the author, with the collaboration of cartoonist Hee Won.

The manhwa tells the story ofEdnaa servant girl from a noble family. She faces a forced marriage to a sinister, bloodthirsty man named Elay. The latter, who was once a poor peasant, has become the king's right-hand man and was originally to marry Yana, Edna's mistress. But the bride-to-be knows Edna's horrible temper and decides to force her to pretend to be him. But how long can Edna pretend to be her mistress, and what would happen if the truth came out?

Who are the characters in the webtoon Shadow and Light?

Illustration of light and shade
Image illustrating the beginnings of the shadow and light webtoon. Source :


The thrilling story ofLight and shadow features two main characters: 

  • Edna the main protagonist. She was raised to be the heiress of Earlsworld, but this kingdom has been overthrown by Kaiden, who becomes the new king. Her father sinks into madness and she is forced into exile. But her new title of duchess will change her future.
  • Elay He's the king's right-hand man, after having been a war chief and a peasant. Edna is to marry him. Doubtful, he leaves things as they are. But feelings are about to get the better of him.

Between Edna and ElayIt's a relationship that's all about the business of the kingdom, and perhaps love will come later. The couple help each other both on the battlefield and within the castle walls.

Other secondary characters gravitate around them, but 5 stand out:

  • Kaiden : is the new king of Earlsworld. He's not yet famous enough, although he wants to assert himself and be fairer to his people. Teasing, light-hearted and lacking in self-confidence, he confides a lot in Elay and the Mcgregor family.
  • MacFadden : is Elay's faithful companion. Both bloodthirsty and emotional, he doesn't hesitate to act and express his emotions. His loyalty to Elay and the King is impartial.
  • Chris : he's Edna's guard. Chris is a young warrior very attached to Edna. He'll cover for her, even if it means lying.
  • Kian: is a knight under Elay's command. He is the commander of the Duke's troops fighting alongside MacFadden. Gifted, discreet and less impulsive, he seems to identify Edna's true identity.

Where can I watch the Webtoon Ombre et Lumière?

There are a multitude of webtoon sites. But each site has its own catalog, and may or may not offer the Ombre et Lumière webtoon. Sites like Delitoon and Pocket comics have this title in their list. 

Edna forced to become Elay's wife
Illustration of Edna as a servant in Shadow and Light. Source :


To give you a foretaste, you can watch free them first three episodes of Ombre et Lumière on these platforms. But to continue watching, you'll need to register and pay. They offer a variety of payment methods, and accept payments in crypto-currencies.

Where to read the Webtoon Ombre et Lumière?

Would you prefer to read the paper version of Webtoon Ombre et Lumière? The paper version, in French, is scheduled for 2024published by KaMondo Books. What's more, it will be followed by a sequel: " Golden Time" which all fans are eagerly awaiting.

On Fnac and Amazon, two volumes are already available for pre-order at 14.95 euros each. Volume 1 will be available from April 3, 2024, and Volume 2 from May 2, 2024.

Where can I read the Ombres et Lumières scans in French for free?

Elay welcomes Edna on her arrival
Photo showing Edna's arrival at the château. Source :


Although some sites, such as Delitoon or Pocket comics, offer pay services, there are a few nuggets where you can read for free Ombres et Lumières scans. You can find all chapters free of charge and in French on Crunchscan. But that's not all: Fr-Scan you can also read all 220 episodes free of charge.

Does Edna's destiny intrigue you? Whatever your preference, you'll easily find the best way to immerse yourself in the adventure of this servant who took the place of her mistress. If you're interested in other stories, take a look at our article on easy reading tips. webtoon in French.

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