What percentage does OnlyFans take?

OnlyFans is a world-renowned site and more than just a social network for adults. In fact, despite the pornographic nature of this content-sharing platform, models can earn money for a living. With subscribers willing to pay to have their needs met, some actually have full-time jobs. Content creators on this platform include moms, teens, gays, A little bit of everything, and they are paid for their photos and videos. So, how much does the site receive from content creators? We invite you to read this article to answer this question and others that some people ask on this site.

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What percentage does the site keep for posts?

To maintain a good website reputation, you have to pay taxes and maintain the site.. For this reason, OnlyFans takes 20% from all subscriptions and pays 80% of the revenue to content creators. The same applies to tips.

Onlyfans' commission percentage is set at 20 %, regardless of the transaction performed :

  • Subscriptions ;
  • Private media (photos, videos) ;
  • Lives (live broadcasts) ;
  • Tips.

Subscription prices on OnlyFans range from 5.40 $ to 54.06$/month. If you have 100 subscribers to your OnlyFans account, you'll generate nearly 540 $ in monthly sales, just from subscriptions. And OnlyFans will take about 108 $.

Making money on the site is easy for some people, but not for others. Of course, it must also be considered that the platform is already very crowdedwhich complicates matters for beginners. In fact, this is one of the things that distinguishes the OnlyFans site from MYM.fans, where you can easily earn money even if you're just starting out. Mym.Fans commissions.

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All the answers to your questions about OnlyFans

Many people wonder about the site's features, including the price of joining the platform, who can join, and how much you can earn on the site. Therefore, we invite you to refer below to discover the answers to all these questions.

OnlyFans price, do we have to pay to join the site?

No, registration via the link in the article is free of charge. And creators receive only 20 % of all revenues.

Who can access the platform?

Since its inception in 2016, OnlyFans has counted around 300 million subscribers and over 3 million creators. Sexualized messages work best on this platform, but celebrities can also be found. In fact, anyone can become a content creator and publish anything they find attractive on the site.

You can be a musician, actor, model, influencer, fitness trainer, etc., and share and sell your work on OnlyFans. So, as long as you have the talent to sell easily online, you can get subscribers and earn lots of money.

The site has several public figures who charge subscribers for exclusive content that is not necessarily pornographic.

Anyone can register as a model or subscriber. The most important criterion is tobe over 18.

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How much do you earn on OnlyFans?

The amount of your compensation depends on the number of subscribers who follow you. The more people who follow you, the more money you earn. Your followers pay a monthly fee in the form of a subscription so that they don't miss out on any of your content.

If you already have some notoriety, you can earn more than 100 $ per month with OnlyFans. Some have testified and disclosed the amount of money they've received thanks to this site. It can be as much as 900 $/month. However, you'll have to pay a small fee to continue publishing on the site.

Few years ago, a celebrity who regularly published photos and videos, claimed to have won over 2 million euros in one week. In addition to the subscription system, it's also possible to earn more through tips.

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Are you ready to create and sell exclusive content on this hot platform? If you're still hesitating, discover the main difference between Mym and OnlyFans.

Correction on the article via Guillaume's comment:

  • 20% on tips and not 0%

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