SYRUP VILLAGE / Arc Syrup – Chapter 2/5

Your 2nd mission is the following: The plans of the Black Cat


'After your victory you shake one of the downed minions so that he spills the beans. He then reveals to you that the butler is actually the terrible Captain Kuro, and that he plans to assassinate your new friend to seize her fortune! You take their den den mushis in order to intercept the precise location of the hideout. For now, you are heading towards the forest, determined to get your hands on the cruel thief. Watch out for ambushes!'

Goals :

  • To harvest 9,000  berries
  • To harvest 5  cola
  • Capture 10 dendenmushis
  • win 78 enemies (5 waves)
  •  [MINIBOSS] Defeat buchi



For the DDMs, if you want to join the discord with the widget all at the bottom, I will invite you to servers to farm your DDMs quickly 🙂


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