SYRUP VILLAGE / Arc Syrup – Chapter 1/5

Your first missions are: Conspiracy at the Mansion


'After a few days of travel, you finally see an island on the horizon. You dock and seek to reach the village of Syrup. Suddenly, you find yourself facing a sumptuous mansion. A woman is resting in the garden and seems surprised to see you here. Thinking she might point you in the direction of the village, you strike up a conversation. The woman turns out to be very good company, so you tell her fantastic stories all afternoon.'


'You end your story, when a butler comes out of the mansion and drives you away, claiming that his mistress needs a rest. You pretend to leave, but look for something to gain height in order to watch the butler, who seems suspicious to you, from the window. Unfortunately, one of the servants surprises you, and you find yourself surrounded. We'll have to fight!'

 Goals :

  •  To harvest 8,000  berries
  • To harvest 8  cola
  • Obtain 2 Wooden box
  • win 64 enemies (4 waves)
  •  [MINIBOSS] Defeat Sham


I'm just going to re-explain how to get wooden crates. Just do .rep @koyamie on a discord in common with him, koya and Tatsumaki.
The command is better explained here: LINK

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