SYRUP VILLAGE / Arc Syrup – Chapter 5/5

Your 5th mission is: Bloody Battle


'Now you are ready to face the man who wants your friend's life. All you have to do is take a bite out of it and you'll be able to set sail again on your boat, which you intend to improve!'

 Goals :

  • To harvest 10,000 berries
  • To harvest 5 cola
  • Build your ship to level 2
  • Recruit 1 Gunner
  • win 35 enemies (2 waves)
  •  [BOSS] Defeat Kuro of a Hundred Plans


To build your boat to level 2, you'll need to have recruited 2 crew members + 10 cola.
To build your boat ^^boat build
To recruit a gunner make the order ^^boat crew recruit gunner

Congratulations you have finished the Syrup arc!



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