The Water Breathing Potion - Utility and Crafting

[Tutorial Minecraft] Water Breathing Potion, how to make a water breathing potion?

In Minecraft, one of the most-played video games in the world, before exploring the depths of the ocean, you need to make an aquatic breathing potion. It gives you a better underwater visibility preventing the oxygen bar from dropping.

Prepare the following items to make your potion:

  • 1 crafting table (4 wooden planks are needed to make the table) ;
  • 1 brewing stand (you need 1 brazier rod and 3 stones) ;
  • Brazier powder (1 brazier wand is needed to make it) ;
  • A bottle of water ;
  • A wart of nothingness;
  • A puffer fish.

1) What is the use of the water breathing potion?

This potion allows you to breathe longer underwater for 3 minutes or 8 minutes, regardless of where you are in the water. underwater world of Minecraft. The Persistent Water Breathing Potion creates a cloud that confers the effect to the player inside it.

Water Breathing Potion in Minecraft
Image illustrating the usefulness of the aquatic breathing potion in Minecraft

2) How do you make Water Breathing Potion?

Use 1 kindling rod to manufacture flash powder. Using four planks of wood, build a craft table. When the table is ready, place it on the floor before using it to open the 3X3 craft grid. To create a brewing stand, place a flame stick in the middle of the top row and three cobblestones in the second row.

Place your brew stand on the floor before using it to open the brew menu. To activate the brewing stand, add the Blaze powder in the box at the top left of the brew menu.

In one of the three boxes at the bottom of the brewing menu, add a bottle of water. Place water bottles in the other two bottom boxes to prepare up to three water-breathing potions at the same time. Now add the Void's Wart at the top of the brew menu. When the brewing process is complete, your water bottle will contain a troublesome Potion.

In the top box of the brew menu, add a puffer fish. The troublesome Potion is replaced by a Water Breathing Potion when the infusion process is complete.

Add powder to your water-breathing potion, if you need a water-breathing potion that can be used on other players. If you want your water-breathing potion to be persistent, add some dragon's breath to the splash weakening potion.

Image illustrating aquatic respiration in Minecraft
Water breathing in Minecraft

Have you ever tried to breathe underwater without using the aquatic breathing potion? In fact, you can equip yourself with a helmet enchanted with Breathing or build an Underwater Conduit to stay underwater longer without assistance.

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