The Invisibility Potion - Utility and Crafting

[Tutorial Minecraft] Invisibility Potion, how to make an invisibility potion?

1) What is the use of the invisibility potion?

In Minecraft, one of the most-played video games in the world, this potion enables you to make your character invisible for 3 or 8 minutes. Note, however, that your armor and the item held in your hand are not rendered invisible!

2) How do you make the potion of invisibility?

Here are the steps for making a invisibility potion in Minecraft :

  1. Make a night vision potion to get started

The first item you'll need to make the invisibility potion is a night vision potion. That said, to make it, you'll need the items listed below:

  • Void wart: available from Void fortresses inside the Void.
  • Golden carrot: to make a golden carrot, you need a medium-sized carrot and eight gold nuggets. Place the carrot in the middle of a craft table before surrounding it with nuggets to turn it golden.
  • Water bottle: to make a water bottle, you need a glass bottle. Make a glass bottle by placing three glasses in the top left and right slots of a craft table, with the third in the middle. Then take the glass bottle to a water source such as a pond or river and right-click to fill it.
  • Blazepowder: to obtain it, you need to make it from Blazerods that fall from Blazes in the Nether.

Once you have collected these four materials, follow these steps:

  • Take them back to your stand and place the blaz powder as before;
  • Then place the water bottle in the left-hand sand slot
  • When this is done, place the wart in the upper space and wait until it is done;
  • Place the golden carrot when the slot is empty. When the brewing stand has finished cooking the carrot, it will finish making the Nightvision potion.
Illustration of the invisibility potion
Image to illustrate the effect of the invisibility potion

2. Then go to your and activate it using a blaze powder

This is done with a blaze stick.

 3. Place a fermented Spider's Eye at the top and bottom, and apply your night vision potion.

By fusing these two items, you can create an invisibility potion.

You can create a disposable invisibility potion by adding gunpowder

The mixture of gunpowder and invisibility potion makes it disposable.

So ! Your invisibility potion lasting 3 minutes is created. If you want the invisibility effect to last 8 minutes instead of 3 minutes, add a redstone powder. Also, if you want the potion to be disposable and not drinkable, add a gunpowder.

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