The Jump Potion - Utility and Crafting

[Tutorial Minecraft] Potion of Jump, how to make a potion of jump?

1) What is the use of the jump potion?

Bouinng! Bouinnng! This potion allows you to jump much higher! Very practical for certain obstacles that you may encounter.

2) How do you make the jump potion?

First of all, you will need vials.

Item needed to craft them: 3 glasses (use a workbench)

Here's how to arrange them to get them: craft vial

Well, now that you have your vials, you're also going to need a still. This item allows you to make all the potions you want! Without this still, you cannot make your potions on your own.

Items needed to craft it: 3 stones and 1 blaze stick (to get a blaze stick, you need to kill blazes.)

Here's how to arrange the items to get it.Craft Still

Now you can put your still in your base. Right-click to open the still interface. It is in this interface that you will create your potion(s). Because yes, it is possible to create up to 3 potions at the same time! Don't forget to fill your vials with water.


Now let's get to creating your jump potion (level I) for 3 minutes:

Items Needed for a Level I Jump Potion: 1 nether wart and 1 rabbit's foot (excluding potion: 1 blaze powder)

Everything happens in the interface of the still!

You should know that you need a fuel, which is the famous blaze powder, in order to feed your still. Place it as in the image below:blaze powder

Now that everything is ready, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • First put the nether wart and the vial of water like this in order to make a strange potion:

Wart Alembic

  • Finally, add the rabbit's foot:

Rabbit's foot

And There you go ! Your 3-minute level I jump potion is created! If you want it to last 8 minutes, add a redstone powder. And if you want the potion to be disposable, add some gunpowder.


Do a 1:30 minute level II jump potion:

It is possible to make a potion that will make you jump even higher!

To do this, make a 3 minute level I jump potion (as seen above) and add a luminous powder:

Luminous Powder

And There you go ! You now know how to make a level I and level II jump potion.

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