Bot PPnude is banned, here are the online alternatives

The PPnude bot, once available online, provided a unique functionality: transforming a photo of a person wearing clothes to reveal what they might have looked like naked. This feat was made possible by artificial intelligence, as is the case with all Undress AI sites. The results obtained by this Bot were often impressive, although they could not claim to accurately represent the person's authentic body. However, the technology raised concerns about its potential for misuse.

What are the real the reasons why this Bot PPnude was banned ? What are the online alternatives that offer similar functionalities? A closer look.

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Image illustration for our article "Bot PPnude is banned, here are the online alternatives"
Image illustration for our article "Bot PPnude is banned, here are the online alternatives", which explains why the site has been banned and presents the best alternatives to PPnude for creating nudes. Source :

PPnude Telegram Bot was a danger?

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PPnude BOT a aroused widespread ire a few years ago, exposing one of the most worrying aspects of artificial intelligence. In 2019, its creator took the decision to withdraw it from the market. Why did he do this?

Fear of misuse

This tool, which Initially, we only photographed women, was finally banned a few months ago. However, aftershocks have since emerged as AI technology continues to improve.

The main reason for banning PPnude BOT wast the fear that malicious individuals will use it to generate pornographic content of instant revenge, without consent of the person concerned. This outrageous use was disturbing for many observers.

Loss of control

A spokesperson expressed their point of view by explaining that, despite their initial intention to create an entertainment applicationshe had quickly escaped their control by going viral.

Safety measures, including the addition of watermarks, were not enough to prevent potential abuse. As a result, they have chosen to remove the application to prevent any malicious exploitation.

Although some copies of PPnude Bot may still be circulating on the Internet, the creators have insisted that they did not want to take advantage of the situationand, above all, not to be involved in their distribution.

What are the best alternatives to PPnude?

There are several Deepnude applications with free test that provide the same service as PPnude. What's more, some even allow you to create images of pretty girls without clothes, or custom-made virtual girlfriends. Here are 5 of the most popular:

With, you can proceed with the undress any person in a photo through powerful artificial intelligence. This tool offers you a free servicewhere you can customize the age and body type of the individual to be nudified, and improve image quality. also lets you create NSFW art.

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SoulGen is one of the most popular applications for creating images of girls. It's a handy tool where all you need to do is use text prompts and beacons in order to generate anime-style or realistic images of girls. It's a perfect alternative to PPnude, with a built-in NSFW image-generating function. What's more, several customization options are available on this app: you can, for example, choose the appearance and interests of the character you wish to generate.

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It's a tool free to generate uncensored realistic art. The content on is exclusively NSFW, obtained from precise text prompts. In fact, the application is built around a deep neural network, guaranteeing quite impressive results.

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Almost all men dream of having a girlfriend who meets 99.99 % of their criteriaThis is what DreamGF.AI makes possible. DreamGF.AI makes it possible. With this application, you can create a virtual girlfriend with whom you can then communicate, thanks to the AI sexting functionality it embeds.

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ClothOff is a artificial intelligence tool with the ability to remove a person's clothing from a photo. What's more, the service is free of charge and offers a range of optionsincluding the use of Telegram robotwhich makes it possible to replace PPnude. allows you to upload a photo, of the submit, and the site's neural network will then provide you with a image in which the person appears unclothed. The platform undertakes not to store or monitor data or images generated by users.

These applications are mainly created for entertainment purposes. As a result, we strongly advise against their abusive and non-consensual use, aimed at harming the privacy of others.

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