How to find Apples on Minecraft (PC and PS4)?

Apples: Food in Minecraft that can be found in oak trees (yes haha).

Apples grow in oak trees?

On Minecraft yes, so just cut the trunk of an oak tree and wait for the apples fall from the foliage.

The drop chance is 0.5% per leaf block.

Above all, shears should not be used.

Trees that give apples:

  • Oak
  • black oak

How to find more apple?

You can put Fortune on your tools for more luck, with a fortune 3 get you up to 0.833% per leaf block to have an apple.

Find apples on minecraft PC and PS4 in chests?

Yes you can find up to 5 apples in chests:

  • Blacksmith in the villages
  • In the chests of the plains villages
  • In the igloos

All this is also possible on Minecraft Pe.

Buy apples?

You can buy the apples from the villager when he levels up. 1 emerald for 4 apples.

As a reminder, the apple gives 2 food and a saturation of 2.4. And you can carry 64 apples per space.

How to make a golden apple?

You can make a golden apple with 8 gold and 1 apple.

Put the apple in the middle and the gold on the sides.


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