Shinys purple and scarlet pokemon tutorial: how to get shinys easily!

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Hello everyone 🙂
In this guide, I'm going to reveal the best techniques for finding Shinys much more easily in Pokémon purple and scarlet. I'll also include a video in this article so that you can better understand the techniques explained in writing.
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purple and scarlet pokemon shinys tutorial

How to catch Pokémon Shinys in Pokémon Violet and Scarlet?

Pokémon shinys are Pokemon extremely rare. They stand out for their different color from the original and for the little stars that appear when you start a war with them! To catch them, you need to prepare as well as possible, and then apply the best techniques. That way, you'll be able to catch them more easily and more reliably.

With massive appearances on Pokémon purple/scarlet

On your card, you must zoom out to see certain Pokémon on the map, or a "?". Large Pokémon displayed in this way have a massive appearance, which means that when you get there, you'll read that there are more Pokémon (displayed on the map) at that location. The more Pokémon you see displayed at the same time, the easier it will be to find Pokémon shinys, or also known as Pokémon Chromatics!

It's important to know that massive apparitions last only one day, and that they change the next day, so you can change the time on your Switch to be able to change massive apparitions!

Attention : 

Long before you catch a chromatic Pokémon, get as close as you can to it. without triggering a fight so you can go back and catch it if you miss it! And be careful with automatic saves, which can break things.

With the hunting technique, the picnic:

The aim is to launch the picnic. As soon as you launch, you spam the button to quit the picnic. This makes the Pokémon disappear and show new Pokémons. It's the fastest method currently available on the game!

It's also worth noting that the mass appearance and the picnic can take place at the same time.

Other techniques to make shinys appear in Pokémon purple and scarlet

The prime rate = 1 chance in 4,096. In effect, there's little chance of shinys appearing. Fortunately, we've compiled a number of techniques to increase these chances.

  • The Chroma Charm increases your chances by 2 (so 1/1 365.67)
  • The sandwich increases the chances by 3 so with the chroma charm (so 1/683.08).
  • You'll also need to knock out Pokémon of a similar size to get a bonus for defeating between 30 and 59 Pokémon. You get 1 chance, and if you defeat more than 60 Pokémon? you get 2 chances.

You should send your Pokémon without starting a battle, as this will save you time, and if it happens to be a Chromatic Pokémon, it won't kill it.

  • This means that with the sandwich + chroma charm + 60 KO Pokémons you get 1 in 512 chance.

On the other hand, beware, as the massive appearance will diminish and you'll see fewer Pokémons. In this case, the picnic method is preferable.

pokemon shinys drop chart

Sandwich Tutorial:

If you'd like a sandwich tutorial, feel free to post a comment.

Also, bookmark the page with "ctrl + D". Or on your phone at the top of your screen (And if you've discovered this tutorial from your mobile, put a little like by clicking on the white heart! Thanks to all who do!)

How to obtain the Chroma Charm in Pokémon purple and scarlet?

Why would you want to obtain the Chroma Charm? Well, because it increases your chances of finding Pokémon Shinys. As a result, the rate of appearance of Pokémon Shinys, which is 1/ 4 096 from 1/1/1365,67.

To do this, you need to capture 400 Pokémon (complete the Pokédex) and go to Jacq at the academy, where he'll give you the Pokémon in exchange. This gives you 2 extra chances to get chromatic Pokémons!

Chroma Charm Image

Shinys hunting video tutorial:


I hope this tutorial has helped you, thank you to all those who will share it with their friends and on the networks!

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