What are the trending songs to use in Instagram Real?


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Updated on March 18, 2024 by Prince

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Do you love creating short, cool videos on Instagram? You can create engaging content by using Instagram Reels. In fact, it will allow you to add a little value to your content as well as your Instagram page. So let's find out in this article what trending songs will be used in Instagram Real en 2024.

Want to find good music for your real Instagram?

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On the other hand, if you want to track down a particular Instagram account, we present a tool you can use to follow trends and see what each account is offering on this platform. You'll be able to track the follow and unfollow revenue of every account you want to follow, and find out if an account is breaking through on the platform and why!

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What are the popular songs to use in real instagram in 2024 ?

Yes, we love songs that drive our real Instagrams! Of course, these videos are all the more appreciated if the sound is appreciated. What exactly are trending songs to use for your actuals? Lucky for you, we've compiled the best songs for all your Instagram Reals in 2024, just for you. What are these songs?

With millions of real ones on Insta, here are some of the sounds that have captured the hearts of users for their real Instagram :

  • Lovin On Me - Jack Harlow : While the song may not suit every brand, the sound is perfect if you have a fairly mature audience. Around 343K real on the social platform Instagram!
  • The cat from ipanema - j1gggs : which has generated around 24.4K real Instagram likes so far. Don't be fooled by its title, because although the sound mimics that of a cat, no loud purrs or meows are involved! However, if you're looking for something catchy, groovy and fun, any content is almost perfect accompanied by this track.
  • Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield : You're probably not surprised that this sound is still going strong in 2024! With 130K real ones on Insta, this track is just perfect for inspiring your audience or leaving them an inspiring message.

However, you can still use the sounds that were popular at the beginning of the year, including :

  • Monaco - Bad Bunny
  • What love is - Zimmer90
  • Dance with me - Alex Blue
  • There's nothing to good for my baby - Ben Bernie Orchestra

To find other great songs for your real Insta:

🎼Music ideas for my real Instagram🎼

It exists other popular songs that you can use for your real Instagram. Of course, the ones that are mentioned and popular aren't necessarily to your taste, in fact, to unearth songs that suit you, we're going to help you to find them easily. 

Where can I find trending music to use on Instagram?

The advantage of making Real videos on Instagram is that your account has a high chance of going viral on Insta. For this, you must choose trending music for real Instagram.

Watch real

To find trending music on Instagram, it's very important to first look at the real ones shared by other accounts. This will help you identify which songs are coming back the most.

Use Tokboard

The Tokboard allows you to identify which music is most used by real designers on TikTok, but also on Instagram.

Make a list of popular accounts and follow them

The aim of this strategy is to identify which music trends are being used by these accounts. You can also see when they're getting a lot of subscribers.

To do this, there is an application to identify them:

👀See followers of an Instagram account with SnoopReport👀

Join a private group

There's also a simpler, more convenient way to find trending music on Instagram, which is to join a private group. To help you, you can contact : contact@alucare.fr and join our paid private group, to have TIPS too.

Use EpidemicSound music

To set yourself apart from the competition, you can use music from EpidemicSound.

What are the best songs to choose for your next real?

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(Image to show trending songs for use in Instagram Real. Image taken from Instagram)

Instagram reals: how do they work?

Real Instagram is a function of Instagram that allows you to create short videos of 15 seconds, with basic music, effects and filters. To enjoy this new application, the processes are simple:

  • First of all, go to Instagram;
  • Then, tap the (+) icon which is at the top right;
  • All an option will scroll ;
  • Finally, choose the Real option.

Thanks to this Instagram feature, you will be able to film yourself or even add an existing video. All you have to do is add the effects of your choice and choose the best background music according to your tastes. However, the "Audio" option is not available for all professional accounts. For your information, if you are very successful with your Reals, you are going to be more visible on Instagram.

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