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  • A like on Tinder indicates interest in a profile, represented by a heart icon, and requires a like in return to start a conversation.
  • Free users have to scan blurred photos to identify likes received, while Tinder Platinum subscribers can see likes sent over the last 7 days.
  • Super Like, signaling strong interest with a notification, increases the chances of longer conversations and matches, according to Tinder.

Tinder is one of the best dating apps on the market today. If you're looking to date and hook up with serious people, Tinder is for you.

The application offers several features to help you match quickly.

In this text, let's discover together, what are likes on Tinder! If you still can't find your answers on Tinder, you can also browse our article on the top 5 of other dating platforms like Tinder.

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What does like on Tinder mean?

Like is a option on Tinder, which consists of select a profile to indicate that you're interested. It's a way of saying you want to get in touch with this profile.

In general, the like is represented by a heart icon on Tinder. However, to start a conversation, you need to get a Like in return. With a single Like on Tinder, the idea of a match is still superfluous.

What's the limit on likes on Tinder?

According to the estimates of many users, men have the possibility ofsend 25 to 50 likes every 12 hours. While this may seem like a rather low limit, it's not unfounded. In fact, guys are used to swiping the profiles of virtually every woman they see to the right. So, to encourage them to adopt a more selective approach, the dating platform has set this limit.

Women, in turn, may consider sending more than 50 likes every day. Why is their limit higher? On Tinder, it's more common for women to swipe right than boys, indicating more selective behavior.

How can I see likes without paying?

If we're using a free version of Tinder, when we receive a Like from any Tinder account, its profile photo will be blurred. So it's pretty complicated to find likes without having to pay, but in any case, it's not impossible!

To see the likes for free, it is crucial to do careful analysis of blurred photos. Focus on the color and patterns of blurred photos and striking features, such as background, color, then compare or guess who may be the person who liked you.

How do likes work on Tinder?

Likes" on Tinder are used to indicate our interest in a profile and want to get in touch with it. Likes are represented by a heart-shaped icon. And in order for the conversation to continue, you need to get the liked profile to like you back.

By referring to the preferences of other users, Tinder's algorithm will present a profile to a person to facilitate the sharing of likes. But you can also find out more about likes on Tinder by visiting our article!

Why can't I see likes on Tinder?

You might not be seeing any matches or likes on Tinder, and you're wondering why?

Although there may be many reasons for this, you should know that :

  • The inactive profilesthe photos badly taken Where excessive swipes can lead to a reduction in swipes and likes on Tinder.
  • In the same way, a like can also disappear, either because it was an error (oops), either because the person who sent it has deleted his profile.

How can we find the people we've sent likes to on Tinder?

There are two ways to do this:

Paid version

The easiest way to get back the likes you've sent on this dating platform is to opt for a subscription. to Tinder Platinum ! Since you can see the likes we've sent in the last 7 days on Tinder Platinum.

To view the likes you have sent :

  1. All you have to do is go to the "Likes sent to proceed.
  2. And now you can view all profiles you've shared in the last 7 days.

Free version :

When using the free version, you need to perform a distance hack. Admittedly, this is a bit of a bypass of this dating platform's system.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Change your settings Explore Tinder's settings and reduce the search distance to the maximum, usually 1 or 2 km.
  2. Come back and swipe : If you see a profile at a distance greater than the one you set when selecting it, then it's likely that this person has given you a like.

And the super Like on Tinder?

The super Like on Tinder is a amplified version Like. It allows you to like a profile and notify the person concerned.

What differentiates this function from the classic Like is that it allows you to generate strong interest for a profile. The aim is to find out whether the person in question will respond to the invitation or not.

Is Super Like really effective?

Tinder has always been criticized as a highly sexual application. To deflect these rumors, Tinder has created a kind of romance within the app by creating the Super Like. The Super Like is a way of showing an interest to a specific profile. This will enable the target to decide whether or not to accept the invitation.

The Tinder team affirms the fact that users who have used the Super Like services have had conversations longer than for classic likes. Super Like increases the chances of being matched.

There's also a "Likes You" option on Tinder. This is a paid feature that allows you to determine who has Liked your Tinder profile before liking it. It's a convenient way to mate instead of spending hours getting swiped.

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