What does the emoji 😱 mean?

The emotions belonging to the register of fear can be very varied, if we only cite the state of shock, anxiety, terror, shivers, fright, or even stupefaction. Several are the emojis that allow you to express them.

Among the most widely used and popular on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, we find the smiley face screaming in fear😱. In this article, discover its origin, its meaning, some examples of its uses and its characteristics.

Image illustration of face emoji screaming in fear

Screaming face emoji: what does it mean?

The screaming face emoji is represented by a light blue forehead, white oval eyes with no pupils, wide open and no eyebrows, mouth gaping and screaming, hands on face.

  • Everything points to shock, a exaggerated excitement after receiving terrible information.
  • The face is even distorted on some message platforms to accentuate thesense of dread.
  • If you've ever seen the famous painter Edvard Munch's work entitled The Scream, you've probably seen a huge resemblance to this emoji.
  • It is also associated with feelings of horror andintense excitementfor people meeting their idols, or stressing about an event...

In a few words, this emoji expresses:

  • Shock ;
  • The fear ;
  • Fright ;
  • Stunning;
  • The apprehension ;
  • The discomfort ;
  • Phobia.
  • Excitement.

During Halloween, it's associated with the pumpkin emoji 🎃 and its parody version takes the form of thescared cat emoji 🙀.

Image illustration of face emoji screaming in fear
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Here are some example sentences that can include this emoji:

  1. I'm shocked 😱!
  2. He was kidnapped 😱?
  3. It gives me chills 😱.
  4. I'm terrified of anything reptile 😱.
  5. I just met my favorite star 😱!

Origin of the smiley

This emoji is from a 2007 and 2009 proposal, the details of which are presented below:

Proposal number 1

  • Number : L2/07-257
  • Last name : Working Draft Proposal for Encoding Emoji Symbols (Associated tables in ZIP file)
  • Proposed by : Markus Scherer, Kat Momoi, Mark Davis,
  • Year of proposal: 2007
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.257, 2007 HTML: EMOJI WD / No.257, 2007 ZIP: EMOJI WD TABLE

Proposal number 2

  • Number : L2/09-026
  • Last name : Emoji Symbols Proposed for New Encoding
  • Proposed by : Kat Momoi, Markus Scherer, Mark Davis, Yasuo Kida, Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.), Darick Tong (Google Inc.)
  • Year of proposal: 2009
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.026, 2009 PDF: R EMOJI PROPOSED / No.026, 2009 PDF: EMOJI PROPOSED

Proposal L2/07‑257(2007), L2/09‑026(2009) was approved by the Unicode Consortium and in 2015-06-02 it was released as Emoji version 1.0.

Characteristics of the screaming smiley face

This emoji is currently one of the most used smileys on the web to convey a feeling of fear, whose characteristics are summarized in the table below:

Version 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Usual name Face screaming in fear
Category Smilies and Emotions
Sub-category worried-face
Apple designation Screaming face dey scared
code point U+1F631 Copy
Decimal ALT+128561
unicode 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Key words Face-scared-scream-scared-face screaming in fear
Other names · Scared Emoji;

phobia emoji;

· Emoji howl;

· Scary cry emoji.


Want to express your feelings of blue fear in your posts or comments? Use the screaming face smiley 😱! On the other hand, if you'd like a little help decoding certain emoji such as the smiley face 😨 or theanguished face emoji😧Don't forget to read our articles!

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