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Often represented by a smiling face, sometimes with an open mouth where you can see bunny teeth jutting out in the middle, do you know what the emoji means? That's right, it's today's topic! If you want to find out what it means and how to use it in your exchanges, our article is for you!

What does the smiley face mean?

The emoji has many meanings. It can be used to mock a person whose interests lie solely in the science and the technology and has no social life.

The geek face emoji can also refer to a person who makes sense and aA touch of arrogance some people won't be able to understand. But beyond these meanings, the smiley can also mean:


The simple emoticon of a face wearing light-colored glasses expresses intelligence. The first emoji to come to mind is the one that comes to mind when you hear a phrase of intellect. Quotes from philosophers, quick calculations and other forms of intelligence are represented by this little fellow with glasses.

Let's take the sentence as an example:

  • "The intelligent sportsman avoids unnecessary effort."

Bring out the geek and nerd side

This smiley is considered to be that of a geek or nerd. It therefore refers to a person who is passionate about scientific studiesstudies techniques and theIT and devotes his entire life to it.

When you see this smiley face, it represents a person. isolated, passionate or even obsessed by abstract, unappealing, inapplicable or fantastical intellectual subjects related to science and technology that most ordinary people can't understand.

It's in this kind of sentence that you might spot this emoji:

"The Samsung Galaxy S10's Motion photo isn't bad, but I'd rather bet on the Iphone X's chip."

geeky emoji

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Expresses being right and emphasizes accuracy

  • This emoji accentuates the words towards theaccuracy. Indeed, when correcting someone or clarifying a sentence, we use the spectacle face to mark our attention to detail.
  • Often compared to a smiley face, which may seem condescending, it nevertheless reflects the ability to be accurate in what was said. People repeat other people's phrases, adding a touch of intellect, in a rather pretentious way.

Let's take an example of a sentence we might hear:

  • "The tomato is not a vegetable, more precisely, it's a fruit ."

In short, the smiley face with glasses, also known as the geek emoji Where binocular emojiis a double-sided smiley. On the one hand, it brings out the intelligence emanating from a person, in what they say or how they say it. This emoticon is then added to marking superiority of spirit andintelligence intelligence quotient. On the other hand, it's often used to mock a person with no social life, who focuses on video games and science and technology. Among others, a withdrawn, solitary person who doesn't focus on his or her projects and passions.

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