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Young and old alike are fascinated by extraterrestrials, especially Martians, even if not everyone agrees that they exist. Their appearance has always been a subject of discussion, and one on which there is no unanimity. But more often than not, we find them as little green men. It's the same with the 👽 alien emoji.

In this article, we talk about the origin, some examples of its use, its characteristics as well as the meanings of this alien smiley 👽! We're off!

Illustration in image of the Martian emoji

👽: The meaning and uses of this alien smiley face

This emoji belongs to the "fictional characters" or "disguise" group of emoticons. It's known as a Martian, alien or extraterrestrial emoji. It is represented with a face having the physical features associated with an extraterrestrial entity. It can be recognized by its elongated, light-bulb-shaped head, a smile, and two black, pupilless eyes that are both stretched and disproportionate. He's usually green in color, but on some messengers, he can be found in light gray.

  • At first glance, the Martian emoji is used to create a comic effect in a conversation, but also to generate a surprise effect.
  • It can also be used for make fun of eccentric behavior (a little "in the moon") of your interlocutor.
  • This emoji is also associated with Halloween or the mardi grasIt's an emoji in the disguise theme. Then, it's not uncommon to find it in science-fiction-related topics, notably in the comments of posts on social networks that revolve around science fiction, if only to mention video games, cinema, or even literature talking about extraterrestrial life.
Picture illustration of the different appearances of the Martian emoji
Image from the Internet

In a nutshell, the Martian emoji is used to translate anything extraterrestrial, special, unique, and weird. Here are two sentences that can be associated with it:

  1. I can't wait to go back, this place is a little weird 👽.
  2. Will there be a raid on Area 51 👽?

The characteristics of this emoji

Here are the characteristics of the Martian emoji:

Version None
Usual name Alien
Category Smilies and Emotions
Sub-category Face-suit
Apple designation Alien
code point

U+1F47D FE0E Copy

1F47D – 👽 alien


Decimal ALT+128125 ALT+65038
unicode None
Key words Face-creature-alien-ufo-extraterrestrial
Other names

· Emoji AND;

Roswell Emoji;

· Emoji little green man.


Insert the 👽 alien emoji in your messages or comments to create more fun and extravagance! And what about discovering the meanings of the space monster emoji👾 or Japanese monster emoji 👺 among our articles?

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