What is the meaning of the smiley 😍?


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This smiley is also called a laughing face emoji with heart-shaped eyes. It was approved by the Unicode Consortium in 2010 and has since been renamed as a smiling face emoji with heart-shaped eyes.

This emoji is widely used in conversation, and all its meanings are positive. It expresses an extremely positive response whatever the subject.

But what's the significance of this smiley face with heart-shaped eyes? Find out in this article.

😍: What does this smiley mean?

This smiley takes its cue from the comic strips for symbolize the passion of love. He is a close neighbor of smiley face emoji with hearts and theemoji face throwing a kiss. This emoji has many meanings. Depending on how it's used, it can be interpreted as :


This emoji expresses love at first sightbut it can also express theadoration, l'exaltation in love or theunrequited love. It has a semantic relationship with the heart emoji pierced by an arrow or cupid. But also with many emojis which express love.

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Enthusiasm and fervor

Other than expressing love at first sight, the meaning of this emoji can also be translated asenthusiasm towards an activity, a project or something its user has written or done.

It can be translated as a feeling of exhilaration following a tempting proposal, be it for cooking, leisure or entertainment. However, it may well be interpreted as a feeling of euphoria.

Recognition and gratitude

Following a gift, offer or sweet words that the two interlocutors have exchanged in their chat. You can respond to the conversation with this emoji.

In fact, it can be used to express feelings of recognition and gratitude. to a person Where to God. It's most often used with the emoji, but attached as a prayer.


This emoji can also be used to cast a vote.

For example, for approve a project, express your opinion to something or to a proposition. It can be replaced bythumbs-up emoji or the smiling face emoji with hearts ;

How to use this laughing emoji with hearts in the eyes?

Want to tell someone you admire them or let them know you're interested in them? It can also be used to express that you're interested in someone. likes Where love something.

Example :

  • "The more I get to know you, the more interested I become in you 😍"

It's also an effective way toto encourage people where the thank. You can use it to reply to messages you send to someone else.

Example : 

  • "I know you're going to tear it up tomorrow, wow them all 😍!"

On Facebook, many users use it as a response to a post or to comments or stories. It's also the ideal emoji for reactions to beautiful scenery, animals or food. In fact, it can be used to exclaim the adorable character of a dog or saying you like a dish: literally, this emoji can therefore be interpreted as "I like that" or "wow".

Example :

"It looks so booon 😍!"

In short, these are some of the meanings of the smiling face with heart-shaped eyes emoji. To find similar items to add more life to your conversations, take a look at the meaning of emoji smiling cat with eyes in heart😻 or on the smiley smile play red !

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