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Smileys, those little pictograms expressing emotions, ideas and feelings, have currently become an unconditional part of the writing process, especially with messages and comments exchanged on social networks. In this article, we're going to tell you about an emoji that conveys negative affects, which is the demoralized face with drop of sweat 😓 emoji.

Discover its origin, its meaning and some examples of sentences in which it can be inserted, as well as its characteristics.

picture illustration of demoralized face emoji with sweat drop

😓: The meaning and use of the smiley demoralized face with drop of sweat

When you see this emoji, you can immediately see the emotions it conveys. It has a face on which two closed, curved eyes pointing downwards are drawn, without eyebrows. The mouth is also curved downwards. A drop of sweat drips from the forehead.

  • All this points to the disappointment, frustration, anxiety, sadness, resignation, weariness and despondency.
  • Speaking of overwhelmed, the downcast face of this emoji actually describes a state of defeatism and one feeling of resignation.
  • This is the expression of discouragement and of disappointment that it conveys the most, which rhymes with the affect felt after making efforts that haven't yielded any results.
  • However, it can also express depression, Ihe melancholy Where exhaustion after strenuous physical effort.
Picture illustration of different looks of dejected face emoji with sweat drop
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Here are some phrases that include the demoralized face emoji with sweat drop:

  1. I can't take it anymore.
  2. I give up, I'm tired and yet I haven't found any improvement 😓.
  3. My efforts led to nothing 😓.
  4. He abandoned us 😓.

Origin of this emoji

This emoji is from a 2007 and 2009 proposal, the details of which are presented below:

First smiley proposal

  • Number : L2/07-257
  • Last name : Working Draft Proposal for Encoding Emoji Symbols (Associated tables in ZIP file)
  • Proposed by : Markus Scherer, Kat Momoi, Mark Davis,
  • Year of proposal: 2007
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.257, 2007 HTML: EMOJI WD / No.257, 2007 ZIP: EMOJI WD TABLE

Second smiley proposal

  • Number : L2/09-026
  • Last name : Emoji Symbols Proposed for New Encoding
  • Proposed by : Kat Momoi, Markus Scherer, Mark Davis, Yasuo Kida, Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.), Darick Tong (Google Inc.)
  • Year of proposal: 2009
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.026, 2009 PDF: R EMOJI PROPOSED / No.026, 2009 PDF: EMOJI PROPOSED

Proposal L2/07‑257(2007), L2/09‑026(2009) was approved by the Unicode Consortium and in 2015-06-02 it was released as Emoji version 1.0.

The characteristics of this emoji

This emoji has certain similarities to some smileys that express sadness and some smileys that express concern, such as the anxious face emoji with drop of sweat 😰, the sad but relieved emoji 😥 or the crying emoji 😢. However, it has its own specific characteristics:

Version 1.0 (2015-06-09)
Usual name Demoralized face with drop of sweat
Category Smilies and Emotions
Sub-category worried-face
Apple designation Dejected face with sweat
code point U+1F613 Copy
Decimal ALT+128531
unicode 6.0 (2010-10-11)
Key words Face-cold-sweat-demoralized face with drop of sweat
Other names · Despondent Emoji;

· Downed Emoji;

· Weary emoji;

· Annoyed Emoji;

· Stunned emoji;

· Pessimistic emoji;

· Overwhelmed Emoji;

Lethargic emoji.


When you see this 😓 emoji in a post or on a comment, even without any accompanying words, you now understand the affect wanting to be conveyed by the person who inserted it.

Although this demoralized face emoji with a drop of sweat 😓 often expresses frustration and despondency, the introduction of a red cheek emoji 😊 in the conversation could soften the tone and bring a more positive and reassuring touch to your exchanges.

If you'd like to discover other smileys, like the smiley neutral face 😐and its different meanings or the meaning of the blasé😒 face emojiIf you have any questions, please feel free to refer to our articles!

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