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When we're faced with an imminent threat or danger, we're scared to death. The same goes for news that sends a chill down our spine. There are emojis for expressing fear according to its degree.

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this scared face emoji. 😨 by revealing its origin, meaning and uses, as well as its characteristics.

Scared face emoji image illustration

😨: Meaning and uses of the smiley scared face

Always in the expression of annoyance and fear, the emoji 😨 is called "scared face".

This emoji features two round eyes and wide-eyed under two raised eyebrows and a light blue forehead, synonymous with shivering and great fear. The mouth is shaped like a semicirclehis upper lip curled downwards in astonishment.

Picture illustration of different scared face emoji looks
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You can don use the emoji 😨 to express your fear, your fear in the face of a threat or danger, or even your feeling of apprehension.

It can also express the nervousness, l'anxiety. To get an idea of what the emoji might represent, think for a moment about how you feel when you hear scary, unexpected things. It's probably the same face 😨!

When you have just received a shocking message, for example, you can write back:

  • Tell me it's not true what you say 😨.
  • Ah good ? But why did she do that?
  • No, I don't even want to look. I'm scared 😨.
  • Dad is mad at me 😨?
  • I'm afraid I've just hit someone accidentally 😨!

Origin of this scared face emoji

The emoji originated from a 2007 and 2009 proposal, the details of which are presented below:

Proposal number 1

  • Number : L2/07-257
  • Last name : Working Draft Proposal for Encoding Emoji Symbols (Associated tables in ZIP file)
  • Proposed by : Markus Scherer, Kat Momoi, Mark Davis,
  • Year of proposal: 2007
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.257, 2007 HTML: EMOJI WD / No.257, 2007 ZIP: EMOJI WD TABLE

Proposal number 2

  • Number : L2/09-026
  • Last name : Emoji Symbols Proposed for New Encoding
  • Proposed by : Kat Momoi, Markus Scherer, Mark Davis, Yasuo Kida, Peter Edberg (Apple Inc.), Darick Tong (Google Inc.)
  • Year of proposal: 2009
  • Number of emojis belonging to the same proposal: 753
  • Case : No.026, 2009 PDF: R EMOJI PROPOSED / No.026, 2009 PDF: EMOJI PROPOSED

Proposal L2/07‑257(2007), L2/09‑026(2009) was approved by the Unicode Consortium and in 2015-06-02 it was released as Emoji version 1.0.

The characteristics of this emoji

Even if this emoji has some similarities with other emojis that express fear, panic and panic, it also has its own characteristics, discover them in the following table:


1.0 (2015-06-09)

Usual name

scared face


Smilies and Emotions



Apple designation

terrified face

code point

U+1F628 Copy




6.0 (2010-10-11)

Key words


Other names

  • Scared face emoji;
  • scary emoji;
  • Scary emoji.


Bonus: combine this emoji with other emojis 

In general, everyone has their own way of expressing fear. If you want to let the person you're talking to know that something or someone disturbs you, there are smileys that are perfect for helping you express yourself better, including the tired cat emoji 🙀, the anguished face emoji 😧, or the grimacing face emoji😬! This scared face emoji goes wonderfully well with these smileys.

In short, in a state of shock or fear or panic, don't hesitate to insert the smiley face 😨 in your messages or comments on social networks to express how you really feel!

To add more emotion to your exchanges on social networks, you can also use other smiley faces like :

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