What is the meaning of the smiley 🤔?

These days, it's becoming easier and easier to convey emotion through our messages. This is due to the existence of smileys, which are emoticons some of which are in the shape of a yellow face with particular gestures depending on what we want to send as a message.

The pensive or musing face smiley is one of four emoticons displaying the hand and/or fingers 🤔. This is characterized by the fact that the hand is placed on the chin and looks like it's rubbing it, and this gesture is known as a thinking position. It belongs to the Smileys & Emotion category and to the hand face subgroup. The thinking face emoji with a finger on the chin is also known as Chin Thumb, Thinker, or Shadow Thrower.

As for the popularity of the thinker emoji, it has undergone several important changes over the last five years. From 2017 to 2020, its popularity rate had a converging trend, but in February 2020, it rose to 90%, then fell to 45% in April, then rose again to 100% in June, and fell again to 35% in August. The variation in the rhythm of its curve continued until July 2021, and finally resumed its convergence at around 35% until 2023.

Discover in this article the meanings and different uses of this face-in-thought emoji 🤔. As a result, you'll be able to use it next time in your text conversations and easily interpret it when your interlocutor uses it in turn.

Meaning of smiley face in reflection

  • The pensive smiley is designed to show ua person who meditates or is thinking it over.
  • It is also used to translate a reflexive attitude in certain situations.
  • He is also sometimes used by his interlocutor as a way to avoid to talk to him right away, or even an indirect way of suspending the conversation with him. pensive emoji
  • Moreover, it can also indicate that its user has no idea about the subject and needs a little more explanation on the same subject.
  • But through the gesture displayed by the pensive emoji, the message seems discreet and more attention is needed to understand what he's getting at.
  • It can be used for all types of relationships, whether with lovers, parents, friends, or even people we don't know, because its appearance has nothing to do with anything to do with feelings.
  • The pensive smiley indicates a reflective reaction, reconsideration of any situation, a intense meditation, a deep concentration of its user.
  • It thus signifies a kind of movement of concern or a some uncertaintyThis is reflected in the facial features, which accentuate the impression of perplexity.

Using the smiley face

Do you want to let the person you're talking to know that you want to listen patiently? In that case, you can invite him or her to speak by saying, for example, "Go ahead, I'm listening 🤔" ;

Or do you want to let the person you're talking to know that you'll need more time to act better in a situation? In this case, you can use this face emoji in deep thought, saying, for example, "I'll think about it 🤔 ".

Here are some other uses for this emoji:

  • "What you said seems to make sense. 🤔" ;
  • "I'm not sure I understand 🤔."
  • "Give me more time to think about this 🤔"
  • "So you mean all this time you knew nothing 🤔"

This emoji has seen a significant change in popularity index over the last five years. Now that you know a little more about this emoji, you can use it in your text chats whenever the situation allows. And if you like, you can also use and discover the meanings of other interesting emojis, such as the geek face 🤓 for example, or the emoji 😊 to enrich your conversations on social networks

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