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Recently, Tiktok launched a new official platform: Tiktok for Business. This will serve as commercial accounts according to the marketing needs of the companies. Through this article, we are going to give you more details about TikTok for business.

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What is Tiktok for business?

First, using Tiktok for business is similar to using a Tiktok account. However, it comes with a lot more tools and functionality. Tiktok business accounts allow you to create branded challenges and hashtags. This is a challenge that will allow users to participate in your Hashtag content and display it on the main Tiktok page. For Tiktok, the average engagement rate is 8.5%: likes, comments and shares.

The Tiktok for business platform will then create brand videos and brand logos as well as other brand-specific effects that use Tiktok. The idea is that Tiktok helps your ads stand out. Truth be told, the Tiktok for business platform doesn't offer much. It just encourages companies to go behind the camera and be active on new trends and especially cultural changes.

How to create a Tiktok for business account?

Using the business account is similar to Facebook's Business Manager. The operation is a copycat of the "Business center". In the Tiktok for business platform, it is possible to insert one or more "Advertising Accounts" according to the different brands. The first step of the creation consists in creating his business manager account, for this, you must fill in all the classic information. Next, you need to create a Tikto ad's manager account in order to create, manage, and serve ads.

What is the structure of a Tiktok ad account?

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Tiktok advertising accounts are based on a classic organization system, that is to say with campaigns to integrate ad groups, and ad groups composed of Ads. The advantage of the new platform is that it offers several advertising objectives according to your needs:

  • Reach to show your ad to as many people as possible;
  • Manage Traffic to send as many people as possible to your site or application;
  • Install the app to increase the number of people using your app;
  • Views to increase the number of people watching your video;
  • And finally, the Conversion or the realization of the actions on your website.

How to insert the website in bio?

Obtaining the website as well as its link is an important task in which part of the Tiktok for business strategy focuses. Follow the steps below to learn the graphical representations of Tiktok:

  • First, start by clicking on the Me icon;
  • Then, press the Edit profile button;
  • Choose where it says Website to enter your website from the menu list.

You can also include your email on this section. The point of including your site and email here is to create a brand that resembles the kind of service customers want and their opinions.

Why create a Tiktok for business account?

Tiktok for business is a platform that will support you in the development of your business. This is due to the possibility of placing ads on the platform in order to target users of your choice. However, it should be noted that the price of advertisements is fixed at a certain amount. On the other hand, this platform is an investment that is worth the cost.

How to use Tiktok for business for your benefit?

How you grow a normal account has an impact on how your Tiktok account grows for business purposes. However, there are strategies that work better than others. Others are to be combined with Tiktok for Business growth strategies.

(Image illustration from Tiktok for business. Image taken from the Internet)

Business customization

The personalization of his business gives an impression that the next Tiktok account is an account that the public can relate to. By combining the strategies, the public can become potential customers. This strategy helps make Tiktok for business more authentic.

A Tiktok professional account will have to gain reputation, for this it must be authentic. It is not enough just to personalize the account to increase the authenticity, reputation and trust of the account, it has to be done with a face. When people follow you on Tiktok, you should represent the face of the business.

A commercial approach

The platform will ask you to be more human in addition to personalizing your Tiktok. That is to say, you must adapt your business approach according to the growth of your Tiktok for Business. You have to be very careful with analytics. To avoid all kinds of misunderstandings, it is advisable to do research before publishing a video, also consider increasing the quality of the latter to the maximum.

The platform also offers a free analytics tool to help you identify target audience behavior. This analysis will give you a small overview of the content and subscriber tabs. The information obtained will be guides for the next contents.


Research before posting goes hand in hand with Tiktok for business. Truth be told, it's impossible to get results by posting something just because you feel like it, on any platform. Tiktok works as one such platform. At the moment it works with a simpler algorithm. But the more the platform grows, the more developers will implement more diverse tools and progressive algorithms. This means you have to research and post content that will go viral for weeks. You're not going to come across the right content if you don't research keywords, trends, and challenges.

The wrapping strategy

The Tiktok for business platform wants to compete with others, it wants to consolidate its position against other popular social media platforms. So you need to learn how to wrap strategies for Tiktok for business to make your content more viral.

Today, the presence on social networks is very important, whether you are a small brand or a very large brand. Before embarking on all kinds of strategies, you must master the one that best suits the growth of your business.

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