What is Tinder surprise?

Tinder is an app that has been around for over 10 years now. It is one of the oldest apps on the market. For a dating app, these milestones are important. Moreover, it is for this reason that the application has implemented some new features, including the Tinder surprise for example. Let's find out together what it really is in this article.

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The algorithm that gives grades secretly

Tinder surprise is a new algorithm implemented by Tinder to mark its 10 years of existence. This algorithm is similar to those used on chess games and video games. Indeed, the purpose of Tinder surprise is to give you a rating secretly. These ratings relate to desirability ratings.

To be clearer, the surprise Tinder algorithm would work like the Elo ranking. It is a system that aims to rate chess players, and video games. Players will be rated at each online competition. The score evolves according to the victories and defeats of the players. Subsequently, the score obtained will promote meetings between the players.


This algorithm generally ranks users based on their appearance. This process is done with subtlety, which is common. Indeed, most applications use the same procedures as Tinder for ranking users. Like these other online applications, Tinder therefore rates their users according to their desirability. All appearances are taken into account to note these secretly. Once rated, the user will receive the rating he deserves and therefore his ranking on the application.

In short, for these 10 years of existence, Tinder has offered several features. The scoring system is one of them. But other dating platforms also offer this system. Moreover, discover our article on top 5 other alternatives to Tinder to know more. You can also discover several other equally effective dating sites. Still, Tinder is still the best on the market right now.

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