When is MotoGP 23 coming out?

Simulation game and speed racing lovers are eagerly awaiting what the Italian studio Milestone has in store this year. Indeed, MotoGP 23 is coming soon to almost all platforms around the world. Without further ado, let's find out together in this text, when is MotoGP 23 coming out?

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When will MotoGP 23 be released?

Enthusiasts are impatiently awaiting the new opus offered by the Milestone studio in terms of Moto GP simulation game. For this year, therefore, MotoGP 23 will be released on June 8, 2023 on almost all platforms, including: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox series and Nintendo Switch. This series will make you experience the 2023 Moto GP World Championship season live. You will also benefit from a set of riders as well as circuits from all major competitions. Other novelties await you.

What will be new this year?

For this 2023 edition, MotoGP23 will offer the reworked career mode. It is designed for players to shape their adventures with the goal of becoming a legend in the world of motorcycling. For that, you have to start with the Moto3. Depending on the results obtained, you will be able to speed up and pass through different classes. It won't be an easy task, because you have to find a contract.

For seasonal testing, the bike will need to undergo some development. This will be possible through challenges. For this year, the rivalries will not only be present on the circuits. Then, MotoGP 23 also set up a social network for riders to interact with teams and manufacturers. So it's the best place to build relationships and annoy rivals, just like in real life. The AI used will act based on their interactions during races.

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The new realistic simulation feature was also introduced in the game. This concerned the dynamic weather for example, which requires skill and strategy from the players. The race will also be Flag-to-Flag, and an opportunity to return to the garage to exchange words and gain a strategic advantage later. In addition, the AI will bring consistency to the behavior of the drivers on the circuit in order to approximate their driving style. Each pilot will have a unique personality that will impact their actions directly.

The icing on the cake, pilot aids will always be on the menu according to the profiles of the players. Then, the multiplayer mode is always available. The same is true for cross-play, available on all platforms. As a result, all players around the world will be able to play together.

Where to pre-order MotoGP 23?

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