Who are the characters and actor in Wednesday (Wednesday)?

The series entitled "Wednesday" has been a hit with viewers since its first release on September 23, 2022. It's a comedy-horror film about a young girl known as Wednesday Addams. She investigates a murder that took place over 25 years ago, a mysterious case that plagues the Addams Family. We also gave our review of this Netflix Wednesday series.

Like other films, there are several stages to go through before shooting. make a movie where casting is one of the most important aspects of finding the right people to play each role in each scenario. We'll reveal the identities of the main actors and actresses in the next few lines. Let's get started!

The main actors with their respective roles

Jenna Ortega a.k.a. Wednesday Addams

She plays the lead role in the series known as Wednesday Addams or Merlina Addams. She is the daughter of Gomez and Morticia. She was transferred to Nevermore Academy, since she tried to murder one of her colleagues at her old school. 

Wednesday holds a psychic supernatural power that she has finally mastered. She's trying to solve the great murder mystery of 25 years ago.

Photo of Mercredi Adams in the Mercredi series

Emma Myers plays the character of Enid Sinclair.

Enid and Mercredi are roommates at Nevermore Academy. Endid has an exceptional power: he can transform himself into a werewolf. Enid and Wednesday end up forming a strong bond of friendship over time.

The other actors in the series on Wednesday

Percy Hynes White stars as Xavier Thorpe.

This is a mysterious student. His power is impressive, as he can bring his various drawings to life, and he's particularly interested in Mercredi and Jenna. Xavier was the ex-boyfriend of Bianca, a very popular girl at the Academy. heir to a powerful medium called Vincent Thorpe. He and Rowan are roommates at Nevermore Academy.

Hunter Doohan plays Tyler Galpin.

He's the son of Sheriff Donovan Galpin. In fact, he's a young teenager who has forged a special bond with Wednesday, since he works in the local café where she often visits. As a human, he's a handsome man with green eyes and light brown hair.

Tyler is a Hide, aged 17-19. When he transforms, his features become ugly and distorted. He has :

  • Bloodshot eyes;
  • Coarse blue hair;
  • And sharp claws.

Jamie McShane stars as Sheriff Donovan Galpin.

Donovan Galpin is none other than the sheriff of the town of Jericho; as seen above, he's Tyler's father. The sheriff enters into a disagreement with Wednesday, since she has become involved in an investigation the sheriff has been conducting into the murder mystery which was comis 25 years ago.

Photo of Mercredi and the sheriff of the town of Jericho
Wednesday and the sheriff of Jericho

Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the role of Morticia Addams.

She's the mother of Mercredi and Pugsley, wife of Gomez Addams. She has psychic powers, and also attended the same Academy as Mercredi, but that was 30 years ago. Wednesday is now stuck in Morticia Addams' shadow.

Luis Guzmán stars as Gomez Addams.

He is Mercredi's father. 30 years ago, he was accused of murder in the town of Jericho.

Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems

Academy Nevermore is run by Larissa Weems, who doesn't like the Addams Family. In fact, she has become Wednesday's enemy.

Marilyn Thornhill played by Christina Ricci

She was previously a botanical science teacher at Nevermore Academy. She was also Wednesday and Enid's dorm mother. To change her identity in order to accomplish her Crackstone task of eradicating the marginalized, Marilyn faked her death.

Supporting characters and their respective roles

Jimmy Workman plays Pugsley Addams.

He's the son of Gomez Addams and Morticia Addams, and Wednesday's brother. He and his sister share the same interests: dynamite, spiders and dangerous games. 

He is victim of Mercredi's intimidation. When school bullies attack Pugsley, she seeks revenge, believing she's the only one who can torture him.

The thing: a surprising character in Mercredi

Wednesday isn't the only one investigating in the series; she's accompanied by The Thing, a very clever hand. Alongside the heroine, she helps Mercredi find her place at Nevermore Academy.

A certain Victor Dorobantu hides behind this character. He's a magician and made his acting debut in this series. It's only his hand you see on screen.

Uncle Fester: the simple man in the black coat

Like his niece Mercredi, Uncle Fester has a talent for Sherlock Holmes to detect the subtle clues that help solve a mystery. Pursued by the police, he has taken refuge at his niece's house. With her help, Mercredi discovers that the monster she is hunting is called a "Hyde" and is not a werewolf.

Uncle Fester in Mercredi
Photo of Uncle Fester in Mercredi

Dr Valerie Kinbott played by Riki Lindhome

She displays no supernatural powers. She's Jericho's local therapist, taking on Addams as a patient on Wednesday. Kinbott also cares for many past and present students at Nevermore Academy.

Before closing this subject, it's important to point out that there are still several characters we haven't mentioned here. They did, however, contribute in some small way to the making of the film. If you've already seen season 1 of Mercredi, you may be wondering whether there will be a season 2. We've written a guide to the continuation of the Mercredi series.

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