Reviews and info on Wednesday, the Netflix series Wednesday

So for once, I'm going to give my opinion on a series. The Wednesday series (Wednesday)

I will start with an opinion without too many spoilers, a note, information on the series that will interest you then my opinion with spoiler (be careful).

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My spoiler-free review

So without spoiler, the series is pretty good, some inconsistencies and characters that should be put forward more times, more scenes in class or with other students and not only 4-5 students max put forward. In my review with Spoil I will say a little more about the places that I find "weird".

My note on the Netflix series Wednesday:

I'll give it a 7.5/10, it's a fun series, easy to watch and easy to follow. But there's no huge crush or WOW moment. The series is well thought out and the story unfolds well. A few twists.

Should we watch the series on Wednesday?

Each person has different tastes, so I advise you to try the first 2 episodes, if you don't like the episodes then you can stop because the rest of the series will be the same, same humor and same story. It's up to you to give your opinion.

For me it's a series that you still have to try to watch to see if you like the beginning or not.

Can Wednesday be watched with children?

For me the answer is no, there are some bloody scenes, human bits at times. Pay attention to your children.

How many episodes does the series have?

There are 8 episodes for the Netflix first season.

My opinion with Spoil

Attention, we arrive at the moment when I will spoil the story a little.

First of all, Wednesday is forbidden to go to the city next door. But she goes there dozens of times, even though she is supposed to be watched… And we remind you that this town doesn't like Nevermore (the school for special people). From her first outing, she was attacked but then nothing at all. She can walk around whenever she wants.

There are very few main actors and we touch them. For me the concern is also there, we are only touching on each character, we are not going more in depth, if there is a sequel to Wednesday, I hope that they will go into more detail in the life of each of the characters. That we can get an idea about each character and learn more.

No more classes, because for the moment the school we don't see too many classes and what is offered. Moreover, we do not see Wednesday's progress, we have the impression that she already knows everything basic and that school is of no use to her at all. (Except making “friends”)


So for here, the sheriff has doubts about his son, if he is the one who can be the monster. We know that he is not really sure since he asks him at the end when he is transformed. But since he knew his wife was a "Hyde" I don't understand why he didn't protect her or anything.

The scene with Weems at the end turning to have Laurel (Marilyn Thornhill, the "normis" teacher), the fact that he's only 2 to catch her and she's not fighting back at all, no security . It's really "weird".

Besides, we know it's Laurel, but we have no information on how she was able to pose as dead and her history for the last 25 years. And in the end we don't know if she dies or not.

Again, a lack of information that could have been interesting.

Will there be a season 2?

I'll do some research and tell you more. You can bookmark this page for when I add the information, ctrl+D and on mobile to put a like.


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    Huge spoiler warning

    We agree that during the ball, Laurel is with them the whole evening…. Yet Eugène Who left to watch the cave said at the end that he saw it set on fire
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