Why is Snapchat bad?


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Snapchat is a highly interactive and more interesting social network than the others. Its features, based on augmented reality (AR), are more attractive and seem more practical for sending photos, videos or messages. Indeed, this is an innovative technology whose main target is today's younger generation. However, this social network is as beneficial as it is dangerous, especially for the very young.

In the rest of this article, we'll look at the negative aspects of using this platform.

Image of someone wondering if Snapchat is dangerous.
Representative image of a person questioning whether or not Snapchat is bad. Source : Alucare.fr

Snapchat: a bad influence on teenagers?

Why is Snapchat dangerous for teenagers? The Snapchat application has been programmed to provoke dependency. It's a lot of fun to edit your photos on Snapchat thanks to its various filters. But looking at photos produced with filters can make teenagers feel complexed by their actual appearance and lack self-confidence outside the application.

Snapchat can encourage deviant behavior: sending, saving and sharing sensitive photos, cyberstalking, etc.

There's a game on Snapchat to see which members manage to keep a "Streak by being faithful to the use of the application. As a result, teenagers are able to disclose their connection data to their friends to Snapchat, in order to retain their status. These identifiers can then be used to distribute inappropriate content on the web (even outside Snapchat).

Malicious people are known to exploit the various social networking media to minimize traceability clues. For example, if a teenager displays its identifier Snapchat on his Instagram profile, someone malicious go and see it and use it to get in touch with him on Snapchat.

Using Snap Map: What are the risks?

Snap Map is the geolocation feature of the Snapchat application, which broadcast the precise location on the map. Activating certain advanced options may expose you to danger.

  • Depending on your settings, other users (even those who are not your friends) may see your location.
    • With SnapMap, users can even "pinch to zoom on your story page and display the location you're posting from on the map.
    • Strangers, even predators and swindlers, can use it to your advantage. trace (and find out if you're not home, so you can break in).
  • The SnapMap function uses both the camera, of the login data and GPS system. Prolonged activity on Snapchat can therefore deplete not only a large part of your data volume, but also your device's battery and memory.

Is the My AI chatbot dangerous for your children?

Inspired by ChatGPT, Snapchat's My AI literally means: "My artificial intelligence". Initially reserved for Snapchat +, this feature is now available to all users. With this technology, you can carry on any kind of conversation. Lacking inspiration? Do you feel the need to talk? Are you lacking inspiration? Well, My AI is here for you! What's more, users can personalize My Ai, changing the background, defining its name... Which is kind of fun, so far ...

But what are some users saying about Snapchat's chatbot? Being pinned to their chat feed, some find it intrusive, given that it can't be unpinned or deleted. The chatbot also has access to users' positions, which is a little scary because the My Ai chatbot pretends not to know, but can suggest nearby places. Hence, this leads to the conclusion that it represents a threat to user confidentialityThis is particularly true of young people, who don't always recognize danger in their surroundings.

Indeed, this new Snapchat feature warns some, but others say there's no danger as long as you keep a certain distance from the chatbot. And what do you think as a parent?

It's worth noting, however, that you can develop a real business on Snapchat and generate a steady income. You just need to be aware of the risks and know how to set limits on what you share. And forother Snapchat tipsYou can count on our help by referring to our articles!

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