AI Girlfriend : Top 5 free sites to get your girlfriend!

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❤️ Coup de coeur
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✔️ undress AI photo generator
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AI Girlfriend: the best free sites in 2024!

Single? Or looking for a unique union. AI meets your needs. There are platforms that let you generate, or create, your dream girlfriend. Depending on what you're looking for in terms of a virtual relationship, there are many features to choose from. In this article, let's discover together my top 5 free sites to get your girlfriend.

ChatBOT name Free version NSFW level Platform Score out of 5 Main Features
🥇Candy AI Test 10/10 Website 5 Digitally undress any photo with this site from deepnude
🥈Undress CC Test 9/10 Website 4,5 Remove clothes from any photo
🥉SoulGen Test 8,5/10 Website 4,5 Create attractive and realistic NSFW photos from a prompt, Hentai art Test 8/10 Website 4 Generate nudes, specialized in NSFW content, Free and uncensored
Dream GF Test 7/10 Website 4 Create deepfakes, undress any photo

Discover the best platform suggested by the editors :

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Image illustration for our article "AI Girlfriend Top 5 free sites to get your girlfriend!"
Image illustration for my article "AI Girlfriend Top 5 free sites to get your girlfriend!" which lists the 5 best tools to create your Girlfriend thanks to AI. Source :

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The platform

Screenshot of Candy AI home page
Screenshot of Candy AI interface is a platform for finding your virtual girlfriend. Discussions are immersive and personalized. The advantage of is that it offers a unique experience of engagement with AI characters. Users will be able to explore dialogues as well as complex role-playing games based on adaptive AI technology. What's more, this platform has been designed to provide unique, deep conversations to offer an unimaginable connection.


You can interact with several AI characters, each with its own personality and background. They range from a materialistic princess to a lifestyle influencer, a manga lover and more. What's more, the tool features realistic, animated characters to suit user preferences.

Features offers a wide range of features:

  • Several AI characters with different backgrounds and personalities
  • More realistic, animated models to meet user requirements
  • Personalized chats for real, immersive discussions
  • AI-based role-playing games to look more realistic.
✅ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
  • Customizable features for your AI girlfriend
  • Create images based on your AI girlfriend
  • Talk to your IA girlfriend
  • Free version available to try out the platform's features
  • Paid subscriptions for more features

Find your virtual girlfriend with Candy.AI :

⏩Create your virtual girlfriend with⏪

The application

Screenshot of the platform interface
Screenshot of the platform interface. Source :

This site lets you remove clothing from a photo. It's possible to personalize an image by choosing: age, body type, image quality for a better rendering. The site has not yet provided specific information on age restrictions.


Here are the main features of :

  • A free site for removing clothes from photos. Perfect for those who don't have the budget for paid applications.
  • Personalization options to choose age, body type, image quality, rendering will be sharper and more suited to the user's requirements.
  • Faster results for image generation
  • NSFW AI Art Generation content to enable users to generate NSFW art in just a few seconds. A perfect site if you want to generate adult content.
✅ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
  • Generates images of nude people
  • The images generated are rich in detail
  • You'll need to subscribe to the paid version for better image quality.

Remove clothes from a photo for free with :

⏩Nedress a photo with⏪

Girlfriends in pictures
Image created for our site

The SoulGen soul-mate app

Representative image of the Soulgen interface
Image created for our site

As you already know, SoulGen is an image-generating application for creating realistic or animated images. It's also perfect for generating virtual girlfriends, and an alternative to Undress.


Here are SoulGen's main features:

  • An NSFW image generator function to generate a girlfriend through AI. It features a customization function to create the ideal girlfriend image, simply by entering text and tags. By the way, they can be animated or realistic.
  • Customization options to create unique, personalized images. It's also possible to specify the look, interests and type of relationship the user wants to have with their virtual girlfriend.
  • Fast image generation thanks to user-defined text prompts
  • User-friendly interface
✅ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
  • A large number of options to apply to the images to be generated
  • Ability to modify existing images
  • Image can be resized without compromising quality
  • Face swap available (replacing one face with another in a photo)
  • Chat with AI girlfriends
  • The application stores user and subscriber data
  • A waiting list is available in the free version

For more information on SoulGen, read my article more information on SoulGen: the girl-generating AI.

Are you ready to find your soulmate? Trust SoulGen :

⏩Find your soul mate with SoulGen ⏪

The Promptchan AI image generator

Screenshot of PromptChan.AI home page
Screenshot of the PromptChan.AI home page. Source :

On his side, Promptchan AI is a tool for generating free, uncensored images and art. The software uses a deep neural network model to generate images based on natural language descriptions. It's also possible to apply several styles and filters to images, including: animated, sketch, watercolor, paint, etc.


Here are the main features of the application:

  • Private AI generation to preserve your confidentiality and privacy
  • Uncensored generated images to create fully adult content
  • A function for generating photos via a cell phone to produce photos anywhere
  • NSFW generation happens fast.
✅ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
  • Various visual styles (inspired by cinema, art, Japanese animated films, k-pop, the furry movement, etc.).
  • Extensive customization
  • There's an image bank of virtual girls called Explore
  • It is possible to include an uploaded or Explorer image in a user-created scenario.
  • Image-editing software included in the application
  • Images created by other undress AI users can be cloned and displayed in a wide range of styles, in both images and video.
  • Possibility of working privately
  • You can use the tool on your smartphone
  • Fast image creation
  • Several features dedicated to images and videos inspired by Japanese animated films
  • Advertisements in the free version

Do you want to create artistic art images? Do it with Promptchan AI :

⏩Create artistic images with Promptchan AI ⏪

The DreamGF.AI application

Image illustration of the DreamGF interface
Official website screen

DreamGF.AI is the most famous platform for creating a virtual relationship with a virtual girlfriend. Other features include AI sexting and AI porn generation.


The application features are numerous:

  • Creating AI girlfriends
  • Creating personalized content
  • AI sexting messages
  • Create customizable profiles.
✅ Benefits ❌ Disadvantages
  • Creation of IA NSFW
  • Create animated illustrations according to your preferences
  • The algorithm creates new content tailored to your preferences
  • A wide range of functions
  • Paid subscriptions for more generations

Find your dream girlfriend with DreamGF :

⏩Create your dream girlfriend with DreamGF.AI ⏪

In short, for those who want to satisfy their wildest desires, applications that generate virtual girlfriends are there to satisfy your needs. Beware! these sites are NSFW, i.e. for adults only. See also my article top 10 sexting chatbots.

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