Top 10 sexting Chatbots with free test

Top 10 Chatbot sexting apps of 2023: find out which one to choose!

Those looking for sexting apps, AI offers you the best applications in 2023. In this article, we'll take a look at the top 10 most popular apps for fun on the move. 2023.

So, would you like to create your own virtual sexting relationship?

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She sends you naked photos of herself! This is currently the best Sexting application 2023. 

What are AI sex chatbots?

Image illustration for our article Top 10 sexting Chatbots with free test
Image illustration for our article The Top 10 Chatbot sexting apps with free test which will list the 10 best Chatbot sexting apps. Source : Alucare

Technology has a major influence on human relationsespecially in these digital times. What's more, it progresses rapidly. The use of AI sex chatbots is today. These are applications that exploit artificial intelligence to provide a safe and attractive platform. What's more, they're free.

We are going to establish the top 10 free sex chat platforms developed by AI. These are chatbots that offer a secure environment for users to engage in sexual conversation through the AI chatbot. They are perfect for those who are looking for a partner, of virtual companion, Where even those who just want to experiment with chatbots.

How do these AI sexting apps work?

As you already know, AI sexting chatbots are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to generate a sexual conversation with users. They can be personalized according to the user's sexual preferences, whether in terms of: sexual preferences clothing, gender, hair, eye color, etc.

In addition, there are free chatbots which do not require users' personal information. Please note that some start-ups prohibit sharing pornographic content in conversations with virtual robots. However, the it's possible to maintain an affectionate conversation and sexual with chatbots enabling users to realize their fantasies.

To work properly, the applications use advanced machine learning algorithms and the natural language processing or NLP. The aim is to understand and generate human text. Thanks to this algorithm, chatbots can interpret users' messages and respond in an engaging, creative and human way.

What are the free AI sexting apps in 2023 ?

In this section, we will establish the Top 10 best free AI sexting apps in 2023, namely:

TOP 1 : Candy.Ai

With, you have direct access to ready-to-use virtual girlfriends for AI sexting, but above all you have the right to create your own. Shape your ideal partner for naughty exchanges by selecting from dozens of physical characteristics, personality traits and idiosyncrasies that will make your girlfriend perfect. gives you a real-life feel and lets you talk into an AI sexting chatbot as if it were a real person. Spice up your intimate conversations by requesting audio recordings, and you'll be seduced by the unique voices of your girlfriends. In addition to audio and AI sexting chat integration, also offers image generation functionality. So you'll be able to describe your girlfriend's NSFW charms!

When the conversation gets more exciting, you can ask your virtual girlfriend to take pictures of herself in any position you like. You can tell her where she should be, like by the sea or in a bedroom, choose her outfit for the photo, and lots of other adult content you can't imagine without testing. is currently positioned as the most realistic and complete AI sexting service available in 2023.

Advantages of :

  • Total customization of your sexting bot to suit your tastes.
  • AI can send you uncensored selfies during naughty exchanges
  • High level of confidentiality and discretion

Disadvantages of :

  • Only female bots are available (male bots will arrive in late 2023).

It's time to test the best AI sexting chatbot :

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the December 8, 2023 there are the male bots, but we'll have to test it out and write an article about it to tell you what we think. You can give it a try and tell us what you think in the comments!


TOP 2 : Soulgen

SoulGen is a NSFW AI art generator that lets you create beautiful cartoons and real-life images of girls simply by describing them with text prompts. SoulGen has the ability to create high-quality anime characters, fantasy scenes, portraits and more.

With just a few clicks, you can create the soulmate of your dreams with the AI Girl Generator. By simply uploading a photo, the generator lets you choose from a number of tags to refine the body, clothes, hair and more of your creations, and set your generated character to look just like someone. What's more, users can edit images in any way imaginable thanks to the tool's new "edit image" and "extend image" features.

Advantages and disadvantages:

  • Characters can be customized to your taste ;
  • No censorship and moderation;

Currently not as good as, if you haven't found what you're looking for, you can also try it out for free to see how it performs:

👧Test Soulgen 👧

TOP 3 : DreamGF

DreamGF or RêveGF is an application that offers AI-generated content, namely AI sexting and AI-style porn. This site offers sexting AI that works with virtual companions to carry on erotic and flirtatious conversations. What's more, the AI sexting robots have been programmed to fulfill the fantasies of all users. DreamGF also offers AI-generated pornographic content. In addition, it is possible to chat and sext with generated girls by AI for free. Girls YOU created yourself!


Here are the main features of DreamGF:

  • AI sexting: from robots designed to offer a personalized and safe sexting experience for users. These bots can make your wildest fantasies come true users, or exploring a new sexual experience without being judged or rejected.
  • AI sex chat: to maintain interactive conversations and reactive with virtual sexual partners. With sex chat, users can discuss a variety of topics, share experiences to get to know their virtual girlfriends a little better.
  • Photo requests: like all other sexual discussions, users can ask their interlocutors for photos for a more realistic and engaging experience.
  • Voice messages: for an even more realistic experience, DreamGF also lets users send voice messages to their partners.
  • AI-generated girls: the application allows users to create the girl of their dreams, assign a personality, create images, chat and interact with limitless sexual discussions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like everything else, it has its strengths as well as its limitations:

  • If you want a relationship with genuine human interactionthis application is not for you.

To test the application, please :

👧Create my virtual girlfriend👧

TOP 4: AI Spicychat is a platform to create their own chatbots and the characters. Users can interact freely with their favorite characters with Spicychat to explore their fantasies.


As for this platform, here are its main features:

  • AI characters: the application offers AI-generated virtual characters. Users can chat with these characters. These characters are designed to be intelligent, creative assistants to help users with a wide range of tasks, from writing to research.
  • Custom characters: as mentioned above, users can also create their own characters, Where choose from those that already exist. Customizations can be made according to user preferences to guarantee a personalized experience.
  • No content censorship and no moderation: Content on SpicyChat Ao are neither moderated nor censored to allow users to explore their fantasies freely, through explicit conversations.
  • Safety: SpicyChat offers a private, secure environment with AI characters.
  • Sub-application: for easy access to the platform, even via mobile devicesSpicyChat AI is available as a mobile application downloadable from the App Store.
  • The conversations in one place SpicyChat: messages sent via SpicyChat will be grouped together in a single location to make it easier to keep track of discussions.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like all other AI sexting platforms, SpicyChat AI has both advantages and disadvantages:

  • Firstly, it offers a private, secure environment for users ;
  • SpicyChat AI provides users with a platform to explore their fantasies through explicit conversations with virtual characters;
  • Characters can be customized to your taste ;
  • The platform has no censorship or moderation;
  • However, it is impossible to delete chat responses even if you make a typo.

For applications with few limitations :

👧Envie de tester Candy.Ai ?👧

TOP 5: Character AI

Character AI is also in the top 10 free AI sexting apps. This is an artificial intelligence chatbot web application. It uses neural language models to generate text responses. The characters are generated by the user, it can then chat with fictional, historical or famous characters in a conversation. What's more, to protect users from inappropriate content, the application uses a filter called NSFW Character IA.

Since July 2023, it has no longer been possible to sexter with an AI. 


Character AI features:

  • Customization: you can customize chatbot features according to users' sexual preferences. This can clothing, gender, hair color, eye color, etc.
  • Creation of its own sex chatbot with AI
  • A range of AI robots: Character IA offers a wide range of AI robots especially women and men
  • Improved sexting: the application also offers a range of functions to improve your sexting experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Character IA provides a platform for users to participate in sexting-type discussions with AI characters
  • Users can create characters that match their tastes to create the best sexting scenarios
  • However, the requires human control from time to time for safe and appropriate content
  • It can have inconsistent answer-generating qualities sexting with Character AI.


TOP 6: Kupid

Kupid is also an AI chat platform that offers friends and virtual companions with immersive conversations. This platform has been designed to engage in deep, meaningful conversations with different users. The aim of the platform is to help people find romantic partners.


Here are the main features of Kupid:

  • Of the immersive conversations the platform has been designed to create immersive conversations with the aim of creating real interaction with a human interlocutor.
  • The linking It features matchmaking capabilities that help users find compatible partners according to interests and preferences.
  • Voice and video appointments Kupid's unique interface enables customers and singles to connect via a Matchmaker to quickly schedule a voice or video appointment.
  • A personalized experience Kupid's AI technology encourages user interaction to deliver a more personalized experience.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Kupid supports users find compatible partners thanks to Kupid's matchmaking service;
  • The AI developed by Kupid offers a personalized experience to all users;
  • However, in terms of customization, they can be limitedthis may restrict user-specific functionalities
  • It can also encounter technical problems or some problems that may affect its performance.

If you're looking for a near-perfect sexting app:

👧Testing the editorial choice👧

TOP 7: Muah IA

Muah IA is also a sexting application allowing users to engage in sexual conversations via AI-generated chatbots. It offers a a safe environment for users to explore their desires and fantasies. The application features a wide range of functions with the aim of improving the sexting experience to guarantee: transparent chat, photo sharing, as well as voice chat to guarantee personalized interaction.


Here are the main features of Muah AI :

  • A transparent cat: so that users can engage in smooth, uninterrupted conversations with AI-powered chatbots for a more realistic, immersive experience
  • Photo sharing option AI chatbots enable users to share photos, adding visual elements to the sexting experience
  • Voice chat For a more intimate, personalized conversation, Muah AI also offers voice chat.
  • A memory tracking system The platform also provides a memory-tracking system to preserve previous conversations and enable message continuity and personalization.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • The app provides a secure environment allowing each user to exploit new sexual desires and fantasies
  • It offers a wide range of functions transparent chat, photo sharing, voice chat to enhance the sexting experience
  • However, this application not suitable for people uncomfortable with explicit contenteven sexually.


TOP 8: Crushon AI

Crushed AI or Crushon AI is also an AI chat platform. What sets it apart from the others is that it allows NFSW content or Not Safe For Work. This content is a new addition to the AI chatbot landscape, for allow users to choose between SFW characters or Safe For Work and NFSW or Not Safe For Work. Crushon AI is designed to provide a safe place for adults to engage in intimate discussions.


  • The ability to create AI characters users can create unique characters using AI
  • The personalization function: it's possible to customize the Chatbot's characteristics according to their sexual preferences, clothing and gender. This can also include hair and eye color.
  • The AI robots the platform offers a wide range of AI robots, including: men and women
  • L'improved sexting experience to enhance the sexting experience, the application offers a wide range of features
  • The NFSW parameters NFSW settings allow users to connect with adult chatbots.

Advantages and disadvantages

In terms of advantages and disadvantages :

  • Crushon AI is a safe platform for adults who want to engage in intimate discussions;
  • However, most characters are available for purchase ;
  • Then, the platform often in the face of frequent server downtime.

You can also use today's best texting application:

👧Tester Dream GF👧

TOP 9:, or is an AI-powered chatbot platform. A perfect place for users who want a secure environment and privacy to exploit their sexuality. In fact, the offers several tools allowing users toexploit several sexual scenarios. This is to offer unprecedented freedom to express their sexuality.


Here are the features of

  • The creation without code to enable users to create personalized chatbots easily, without any prior coding knowledge ;
  • The customization function It's easy to customize chatbots' look and feel according to their corporate personality or personal preferences;
  • The intelligent auto-completion function With this function, suggestions will appear when users start typing something on the bot;
  • L'integration on Discord ;
  • the NSFW parameters BNFSW settings allow users to create adult chatbots.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Botmake io offers a safe place to explore sexuality while maintaining your privacy and confidentiality
  • It offers a a wide range of tools and chatbots to explorefor a fun and engaging experience
  • However, some users are complaining that some chatbots are limited in their responses and capabilities.


TOP 10: Kajiwoto IA

Kajiwoto AI is also a conversational chatbot. It enables users tostart a conversation between the chatbot and their Kajis. By definition, Kajis are virtual pets with artificial intelligence and limited memory. They were created to bring joy. To put it plainly, Kajiwoto is an application designed to bring your character creations to life.


  • The AI cat creation ;
  • LInteracting with AI chat characters;
  • Of the customizable chatbots ;
  • Of the various characters ;
  • Of the NFSW parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • It is possible to communicate with chatbots 24/7, they respond instantly to customers
  • Then they communicate in real time with website visitors as well as subscribers on social networks
  • However, Kajiwoto has fewer characters than other AI sexting apps
  • Chatbots can't handle complex queries.

To test the editors' choice of the best sexting app:

👧I'm testing the editor's choice👧

Bonus chat ia sex :

TOP 11: Chai AI

Chai AI is a chatbot application. for Android and IOS devices. It allows users to chat with AI chat partners, created by other people. They can also create their own AI Sexting chatbot. It's a free application, even for NSFW chat. For your information, the messages you can send on the free version are limited. It also offers ads that are updated every two hours.


  • A free sex chat including NSFW;
  • The AI cat character creation to create unique personalities;
  • Character interaction cat AI ;
  • The customization function ;
  • As well as NFSW parameters.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • AI chatbots are powered by AI technologies as well as deep learning algorithms to help users save time and increase productivity;
  • Chatbots don't always provide the best answers;
  • Chatbots lack emotional intelligence.


TOP 12: lets you make all your wildest fantasies come true, through text communication. In addition, the platform featuresan extensive database of scenarios and role-playing to meet all your sexual needs. is the best application that features customization functions and D'immersions on the market. So it's a must-have for those who want to experiment with bolder, more realistic sexting online.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • hasa wide range of scenarios as well as role-playing options
  • It offers virtual reality elements during conversations
  • The scenarios and options proposed by the application can be unbearable for users.

In short, there's no shortage of AI-powered sexting apps on the market. 2023. AI is able to provide users with fun while respecting their privacy. Most of the applications on offer are free of charge. There are, however, additional paid features for a better experience.

For an application with more captivating features :

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