Axolotl minecraft: Everything you need to know

In Minecraft, the game that allows us to create a virtual world in a very fun way, axolotls are aquatic creatures that can be taken care of. Being a more psychic than physical game, Minecraft helps to develop one's ability to order and manage priorities. With axolotls that can be tamed, the player learns to have responsibilities. Discover in this text the important points to know about axolotls. This will allow you to know them and better manage them in the game.

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Who are axolotls?

They are creatures that essentially live in an aquatic environment. Although they are passive in nature, they attack the majority of sea creatures. However, they can be tamed and evolve in a personalized ecosystem.

An axolotl has an unusual behavior. Indeed, it produces a natural regeneration effect. In the space-time of Minecraft which is counted in ticks, the axolotl needs 100 ticks, which is 5 seconds, 2400 ticks (2 minutes) after a fight to regenerate. Following this, the fatigue effect dissipates. This time depends on the duration of the fight in which the axolotl engaged and the tenacity of his adversary.

General behavior of an axolotl

All creatures can fall victim to an axolotl's attack, even tadpoles. However, turtles, frogs and dolphins are spared. The drowned can also fall victim to its underwater creatures. Generally speaking, they do not attack non-hostile creatures. However, if this happens, an axolotl needs a two minute cooldown before it can attack again.

Clever, the axolotl has more than one trick up its sleeve. If he suffers an attack or damage, he can play dead for 10 seconds (200 ticks) while sinking. During this time, he heals himself. Creatures that might attack it then ignore it during this time. After that, he can gain 4 life.

Out of water, it dies after 5 minutes or 6000 ticks. He then systematically goes to the nearest water point. However, they can stay out of their natural environment without dying in case of rain or storm, unlike octopuses, fish and dolphins. Also, they cause puffer fish to inflate if they are nearby.

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How to tame an axolotl?

To create your own axolotl farm, you mainly need a bucket. Later, you can create your own ecosystem. Baby axolotls can be born from this breeding, and if you are lucky, you will be able to see one of blue color. This species is very rare, you have a 1/1200 chance of getting it. In 20 minutes, babies become adults, and the cycle continues. If you put the babies in buckets of tropical fish, their growth will accelerate.

To harvest axolotls, simply scoop them up and place them in a bucket.

These little aquatic beasts can be pink, brown, yellow, cyan and blue. This is enough to bring color to your pool.


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