Closing: How do I attack a friend on Monopoly Go?

Mini-games in Monopoly Go present an effective method for players to quickly accumulate money and treasure from their opponents. Two types of attack are possible, including bank robberies which involves stealing money from other participants by opening their safes and the shutdown the details of which are provided in this guide.

How does closing work, and what are the advantages? How do you make it work? We tell you all about it.

Having a lock to attack a friend: How it works and benefits

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Opt for the best strategy to attack in Monopoly Go, optimizing your closes and winning more money.

How does it work?

A "shutdown" allows you to attack an opponent's monument, forcing that player to spend money to reopen it.

When you land on one of the station squares on your board (the yellow squares with a train): Gare du Nord, Gare Saint-Lazare, Gare Montparnasse or Gare de Lyon, this triggers the "closing" mini-game or "shutdown. In this game, you go to another player's board and earn money by attacking their buildings. The word "closure is used, as you close your opponent's monument(s).

Illustration of the Closing mini game in Monopoly Go.
Screenshot of the announcement of the mini game Closure in Monopoly go. Source: Yann

However, if the latter has a shield, the attack is avoided, preserving his monument and reducing your financial gain.

What are the advantages of a successful Monopoly Go closing?

A successful shutdown has two advantages:

  • An increase in your cash earnings.
  • Improved tournament scores.

It is also essential to remember that multipliers Monopoly Go dice influence rewards during a closing.

How to make a successful shutdown?

Illustration of the Monopoly go mini-game page.
Screenshot of the Closing mini-game page in the Monopoly go game. Source: Yann

Here are the most important points to remember for a successful closing:

#1 - Avoid shields

To close successfully, you need to avoid players protected by shields.

#2 - Use the "change opponent" button

You can attack the same players over and over again using this function. Initially, you'll encounter shields, but once they've been destroyed, you'll be able to systematically succeed in your closes.

#3 - Destroy all shields

When all the shields have been eliminated, attack and complete your closures at every attempt.

#4 - Close all monuments

Make sure you close all of one player's monuments before moving on to the next. Considered by some as stubbornness, closing all a player's monuments is really just a game strategy aimed at maximizing winnings.

#5 - Avoid picking on friends you know

By avoiding targeting your real friends or those with whom you have exchanged Monopoly Go stickersyou increase your chances of success. Recruit "friends" mainly on Facebook groups to use in attacks.

#6 - Attack fake accounts

If you're using the 100-dice technique, attacking the fake accounts on your friends list is also a smart move. These have no shields and are not used, thus avoiding inconvenience to other players.

As you can see, the outcome of your landing on one of the four station squares on your board can be either a hold-up or a closure, as decided by the game. It's worth noting that closures are generally more frequent than robberies. Nevertheless, access to these missions requires the completion of specific tasks or the fulfillment of certain conditions in order to obtain them. maximum profit.

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