Fanpage Karma, a free tool for analyzing your Facebook page!

Analyzing Facebook and other social networks is important to stand out from the competition. Fanpage Karma is a (free) tool used to analyze the performance of your Facebook page and those of your competitors. Find out more about this tool in this guide.

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What's the point? fan page Karma?

Fanpage Karma is a analysis tool and compare on what your competitors are doing on social networks. It also allows you toanalyze your Facebook page. In other words, it can be used to analyze thecommitment on your Facebook pages. It will facilitate your decision-making because it evokes statistics that allow you to :

  • Measuring performance of your page ;
  • Determine the best time to publish a post and publication frequencies;
  • Know the hashtag trends ;
  • Determine types of content appreciated by fans ;
  • Know a little more details about your fans
  • Identify top influencers ;
  • Tag your campaigns for detailed analysis;
  • Making information watch to better manage crisis communication.

On the other hand, it's also important to know your customer base. Thanks to Fanpage Karma, you'll be able to compare your sources to be even more effective, from win time and of produce comprehensive reports to better manage your digital marketing campaign. If you'd like to try out Fanpage Karma, click here. FanpageKarma rates

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Why is Fanpage Karma an essential tool for social media management?

Karma fan page uses performance indicators to analyze social networks. These allow you to extract data to find out whether the use of social networks is effective or not. These performance indicators are analyzed by Fanpage Karma. They generally concern : size and number of subscribers to a Facebook page. He also points out the importance of creating a community on a page to improve it. The intensity indicator is also a performance indicatorit is defined by :

  • Frequency of publication ;
  • Page activities.

Then there's theengagement indicator or KPI which indicates the quality of accounts. In other words, interactions with subscribers. Engagement is defined by the number of subscriber interactions on a publication. Finally, the overall performance indicator combines the engagement and growth rates to obtain the page's performance. The tool performs a detailed analysis of your account statistics Facebook page. What's more, Fanpage Karma analyzes the performance of your Facebook page free of charge. You can also benefit from a discount with the coupon code Fanpage Karma

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