minecraft fishing rod

Minecraft fishing rod


I. Manufacturing of the fishing rod
II. Making the carrot fishing rod (carrot on a stick)
III. The different tips and utilities of the fishing rod.

There are two types of fishing rod in Minecraft:
The fishing rod as well as the fishing rod with carrot.
We will also see here the usefulness and some tips of these last 2.

And how to make a fishing rod in minecraft.

I. Manufacture of the fishing rod:


To make the fishing rod you will need to bring a stick and string:
3 Sticks and 2 string as shown below:


II. Making the carrot fishing rod (carrot on a stick):

carrot fishing rod

To manufacture the carrot fishing rod you will have to bring a stick and string to craft the rod basic.

Then a carrot that you will have to assemble with the fishing rod in the crafting table.
Illustration of the craft below:

carrot on a stick

III. The different tips and utilities of the fishing rod.

At first we can note that the fishing rod if used well is a very good element for PVP explanation: when you pursue or you are pursued you can fish your opponent which will cut his sprint and therefore slow him down which will allow you to take advantage of the distance.
The fishing rod can also be used when it is well enchanted (enchants: luck of the sea) may also have a higher chance of fishing enchanted books.
You also have a large number of possible fish/trash/treasures to catch such as tags or saddles.

Secondly the fishing rod with carrot allows when you ride a sealed pig to go really much faster, the pig will consume 7 durability of the fishing rod with carrot and will go faster for 40 seconds and therefore move you from 340 blocks with this acceleration. Note that you can repair your carrot fishing rod on a stick by putting it with another carrot on a stick in the crafting table.



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