Hogwarts Legacy: how to do the quest Slime of bavboules

Hogwarts Legacy is full of side quests, side missions that aren't linear to the game's main story, but which you must complete if you want to complete the game at 100%. We can cite the side quest entitled Bave de bavboules, one of the first you can complete in the game. It is launched by the NPC Zenobia Noke, a character who seems to be younger and who needs the help of a older student to find his bavboules that other students have stolen and hidden from him in different places of the Hogwarts school. The task will therefore be complicated, and you don't have to do it since it's a side quest, but successfully completing it can help you gain experience and a wand handle that will be useful to you later.
If you're up for the challenge, here's how the quest goes.

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Beginning of the side quest Slime of bavboules in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Bave de Bavboules

This quest begins with a conversation with Zenobia Noke in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower. She will be standing by the stairs, next to the courtyard, asking an older student for help. Having agreed to help him find the Bavboules, you will go in search of them. The most effective way to do this is to follow the directions in the quest and consult the enchanted compass, which will tell you the area to look for them. You will be able to start finding some in the surroundings, especially where you will hear your character saying to himself that he must watch the heights of the school to find Zenobia's bavboules.

Bavboule n°1

You will find the first bavboule outside, in the courtyard, not far from where you spoke to Zenobia before starting the quest. After listening to your character's line, observe the surroundings and the heights to spot the bavboule. You'll see it glow at the very top of the covered outdoor hallway, and you just need to cast Accio to pull it towards you.

Bavboule n°2

The second bavboule is also hidden in the heights of the castle. Let yourself be guided by the enchanted compass, up a series of stairs passing in front of the divination class. You will probably be tempted to climb the ladder in search of the bavboule, except that it is on the chandelier hanging above the stairs you have just climbed. So you'd better use Accio to retrieve it.

Bavboule n°3

Going back down the stairs, you'll find yourself on the nearby rafters, where Zenobia's third stone is within sight, on a wooden beam, at the far end of the ramp, next to that spot you learn to open the doors of arithmetic.

Bavboule n°4

This one is less easy to find, so it will once again be necessary to use the enchanted compass to locate it. So the lighted path will take you to Slytherin Tower and then to a blue hallway with arches and tall pillars. If you look towards the third pillar on the right, you should see the bavboule glowing, and you will only have to cast an Accio spell to bring it down.

Bavboule n°5

The fifth Bavboule is in the Grand Staircase that leads to the trophy room. Until then you will see several armors, an armored knight, and a huge and remarkable armor (which does not animate and attack you like the statues of knights at the beginning of the game). Right after these, you'll see the bavboule on the window frame.

Bavboule n°6

Not far from the fifth bavboule, just turn to the right in the main area of the trophy room to find the last one. It is located on a shelf surrounded by other trophies, at the back of the room. In case of difficulty, you can locate it by observing the occasional glow it emits.

Return the Bavboules to Zenobia

After you have collected them all, you can join Zenobia to return her bavboules. They weren't easy to find, but the search was around the same area, the stairs of the Defense Against the Dark Arts tower.

You can either run back there following the enchanted compass, or use the Floo Flames to teleport to a nearby location. Zenobia will kindly ask you to return her gobballs after you tell her you found them, but you have a choice between returning them or keeping them. Whatever you decide you will earn as experience rewards and purple spherical wand handle, which will allow you to customize your character's wands. That said, it just seems like it pisses Zenobia off if you keep the goblet stones, not that you'll get an item or anything. It is also preferable to return Zenobia her stones, unless you prefer to keep them for yourself out of pure wickedness. In any case, it is not yet confirmed if it will impact your relationship with this NPC at a later date.

During your "Drooling Slime" quest, you'll accumulate certain resources and items. However, your inventory is likely to fill up very quickly. That's why we recommend reselling some of the resources, items and inventories you've collected on your various journeys. To do this sell of the objects Hogwarts LegacyTo make room in your inventory, I invite you to click on this link to discover all the details.

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